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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a great marketing expert that has had a long career with drug companies all over the country. During his experience with the drug companies he worked in quality assurance where he was able to see many different drugs to market. While the process to get a drug to market is usually a long process he did have the privilege to do this many times. But now that he is older that part of his career has come to an end, Edwin now has taken over a marketing company and works as the CEO of a company in Florida.

While most marketing agencies are dying Edwin does wish to change the way people see marketing agencies and bring back those creative and productive people that have since went to work as consultants. In order to bring back the marketing agencies he made sure that he got a creative director with a large staff under that person in order to make sure that only the best marketing strategies and the best production would be coming out of his company. But he knew that the company would need those people that are productive and look at the productivity of everything in order to keep him company on track. So he hired those experts and gave them both their roles so that they could work together on projects to see them come to life. Since doing that Edwin has been able to help large and small companies having only the best reputation for getting the work done, using the best that technology has to offer, and being more than worth the money for the business owner that takes them on and hires them for the project. For larger companies he has even made it to where he was able to replace a few marketing departments altogether.

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