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There Is Something Unique About This Band: The Chainsmokers

It is amazing how these two young men have become famous across the globe with their intoxicating songs. They have given their fans the dose they have always looked up to, no wonder they are just driven crazy by this duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall.

With this band, the Chainsmokers, only being in existence for less than 10 years, the rate at which it is releasing new and unique songs that make the listener euphoric, is just unstoppable. Maybe due to the demand of their fans, they decided to show their audience the making of their song, “Somebody”.

When you look at the granary of the Chainsmokers, you will find a variety of songs that became among the top 100 in the United States Billboard Hot 100. Others have become number one having views of more than two billion people across the globe.

The band began in 2012 in New York when Alex and Drew met, a connection that was enhanced by their manager. Alex Pall grew up doing DJing in New York City as his hobby while still being in his work. Later he felt attracted to this hobby that he had to resign from his work to give himself fully to it.

Drew studied at Syracuse University and had been in an internship with Interscope Records before he moved from Maine to meet with Alex. Pall studied at New York University for BA in History and Music Business.

In their recent news, the Chainsmokers show how they incorporated the synth work and vocals in their hit song, “Somebody”. Drew and Pall take you through the short clip where some vocals were not recorded for this particular song, no wonder there are pitch changes in this song.

They are set to release a more advanced tutorial on how “Somebody” was made. The short clip is on their Facebook wall. The duo hit their highway of fame in 2014 when they did their very first live performance at Terminal 5 for Timeflies.

The Chainsmokers has released a series of songs like Selfie, Roses, Sick Boy, You Owe Me, Closer, and Everybody Hates Me among others. In their song “Closer” they featured Hasley who was very crucial in their music career. “Don’t Let Me Down” hit one billion views becoming the second to be viewed most in their songs.