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Matt Badiali Talks His Career and A Few Investments

Although Matt Badiali initially intended to pursue a career in science, a chance conversation with a friend while in grad school, led him into the world of finance. With an opportunity to help average Americans achieve financial stability on the horizon, Matt Badiali prompting redirected his course. Today, Matt Badiali is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in finance, and throughout the years, he has regularly helped his clients garner double-digit, as well as triple-digit returns on their investments. He is currently the editor of Real Wealth Strategist and Frontline Profits with Banyan Hill Publishing.

Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing as the Chief Resource Investment Expert, Matt Badiali has garnered a significant audience by delivering the latest in financial trends, and in order to bring these ideas to life, he often pulls from real life events. Over the course of his career, he has always proceeded by taking a hands-on approach, often meeting with companies that offer prospective investment opportunities in order to validate their authenticity. His experience in the field has given him a unique ability to relay important financial topics to his audience. With research being such an important part of Mr. Badiali’s daily routine, he often discovers new trends with the potential to disrupt markets around the world. One trend that has him excited are the changes regarding energy consumption, as energy-efficient resources begin to render kerosene obsolete. In his estimation, this tectonic shift will result in a major boom regarding electric cars, as well as the software “or the products that are in vehicles that make them operate.”

As the electric cars continue to replace their gas-operated counterparts, Matt Badiali encourages his readers to keep an eye on another commodity with serious growth potential for the immediate future – gold. While the price of gold has consistently fluctuated in recent years, he believes that instability regarding the current banking systems around the world will push people to look for a physical commodity to store, acting as “something that people will be able to use to park their money for several years.”

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