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Whitney Wolfe Herd Taking Bumble Dating App to New Heights of Success

The rules of dating have been changing over the years, especially after the onset of the internet and dating apps. It has become much easier for the people to meet new people and build new relationships. The market is filled with many different dating apps and sites, but one of the latest entrants is Bumble. It is a dating app that has been making into the headlines quite frequently these days, mainly due to its unique approach towards how it matches the partners. In Bumble, the women are only allowed to contact the men. The men cannot send the message to a woman unless the women send the message first. It gives the total control to the women as far as whom they want to get in touch with is concerned. In many of the dating applications and sites, the women have to go through literally scores of messages and sometimes original pictures as well that are sent by men in an unsolicited manner.

Bumble dating app was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who in the past has also been the part of the core team that established the popular dating app known as Tinder. Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to rub off the edges in the existing dating apps to build a polished and refined dating app, which is what the people are looking for and expected, especially women. Whitney Wolfe Herd understands what women have to go through on a daily basis when they are using a dating app or sites. It is this agony that Whitney Wolfe Herd has tried to discount with the latest and futuristic features that Bumble has. Whitney Wolfe Herd continuously strives to add new features to Bumble to make it more user-friendly and efficient as far as dating is concerned.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a long-term vision for Bumble and knows that women are looking for a dating app they can trust and feel safe with. She has integrated some very advanced safety and security features with Bumble to ensure that women don’t have to feel threatened or insecure while using Bumble. There are also moderations measures in place to ensure that men cannot cross a line of indecency and those female members on Bumble don’t have to endure any form of harassment. Whitney Wolfe Herd is considered to be one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country and has featured on the cover of popular magazines like Forbes, Elle’s, Wired UK, and Fast Compay.