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Volunteer Editors Save The Day At Wikipedia



Even a civilized organization like Wikipedia ( on occasion might seem to be crawling with obstruction and disagreement, according to one of the organization’s volunteer editors. In an e-mail, he reported to the site’s producer several attempts to write articles for Wikipedia page for company and he has been faced with not only rejection but three-letter name-calling and eventual blocking from the site. Other contributors, coming to his defense, say they have felt similar resistance, even abuse, from fellow-users on this and other similar sites.

The almost-universal openness of these programs can leave any web-site post open to contradiction and disagreement from almost any direction. In the above case, the editor in question so strongly disagreed with the validity of a piece of supporting evidence that, in defending his viewpoint, he was blocked from the site.

As reported by Tech.Mic.(Mic Network Inc.), the intensity of the incident brought out a host of other Wikimedia members who say they have also felt somewhat bullied by fellow contributors when they try to make a Wikipedia page, even though the site is much smaller than the huge social media networks where some users still feel the bulk of online harassment. Observers have suggested that, without in-person interaction, users of any of these sites may find it difficult to discover what common ground they share.

Another factor in bullying is a dwindling staff of volunteer editors that serve and support Wikipedia’s 80,000-strong cadre of contributors, according to a NY Times op-ed piece by a Wikipedia member. This editor suggests clashes such as this one between Wikipedia editors may be partially to blame. Wikipedia reminds users that in case of conflict they can alert the site’s Support and Safety team at “[email protected]

Contributors work on a variety of different projects within the foundation, each of which has its own system of oversight. Furthermore, she said she welcomes conversations about how Wikimedia can better serve its volunteers who wish to make Wikipedia page. “We encourage impassioned debate about what the Wikipedia community should look like in the future, I don’t think this is what this story is.”

“Through its very existence, Wikipedia is a positive medium that gives the user a means to create a Web page for himself or herself…” this member-editor reminds us. “…without the headaches inherent in the details a full Web page requires. Through Get Your Wiki ( a user can bypass those problems while giving himself or his business the benefits and opportunities that one can only get from an effective online presence created by professional Wikipedia publishers.”