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IAP Worldwide the Leader in Advanced Logistics Management

IAP Worldwide is recognized as a leader in global scale logistics management, facilities management, and advanced professional and technical services. The company has a wealth of experience spanning over 60 years providing a comprehensive range of services to international government agencies and organizations. They have continued to maintain international standards of excellence by providing services such as program management. The company works by leveraging and incorporating its effectiveness to provide safe leading edge and dependable solutions that are appropriate for the diverse needs of its customers. IAP Worldwide Services has worked in very complex and challenging situations in more than 100 locations that span across 27 countries.

The Mission of IAP Worldwide

The company has its bases in the in Washington, D.C. area, In Florida, in Maryland, in Oklahoma, in the United Kingdom, and in the Middle East. The company specializes in Aviation and engineering solutions as well as in expeditionary Infrastructure, in Global support services, in IT and Communication services, and in power solutions on LinkedIn. The company’s mission is to handle the most challenging obstacles through the use of authenticated technology, dexterity and inventiveness. The company uses unique skills to provide aviation support services, emergency response services, logistic and network and communication effectual and prompt infrastructure services. These services include custom engineered services, health services and numerous types of emergency services on

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The Leadership of IAP Worldwide

Douglas Kitani is the Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide and is in charge of the strategic direction of the company. The former US army pilot’s wealth of experience has been valuable in leading IAP. Terry DeRosa is the Executive Vice President of IAP and is responsible for financial projections, risk, growth and development, and analysis. Terry is also very experienced the area of finances and is also in charge of accounting, pricing and financial planning. These two leaders are responsible for ensuring that IAP provides better, faster, and more innovative approaches to logistical services by IAP.

Background of IAP Worldwide

The company was previously known as Pan Am World Services and was responsible for building and operating America’s first space launch complex. For 45 years, the company was responsible for the provision of full facilities maintenance support including airport master planning and the construction and management of engineering services. The company was acquired by Johnson Controls Worldwide Services INC. and became a global leader in the operations, maintenance and management of military bases as well as commercial facilities. IAP was later founded and specialized in logistics and procurement. IAP later acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services INC. and became known as IAP Worldwide Services with three main areas of business in global operations and logistics, base operations support services, and professional and technical services. The company has continued to be a leading light in these three areas also acquiring 3G Systems, A United Kingdom engineering company.

Brian Bonar’s Bellamy Is Booming!

Bellamy is a chic bistro featuring a seasonal menu of Californian-French fare. Located near The Ranch at Brandy Canyon, the modern restaurant offers upscale dining in a relaxed family atmosphere. This hidden gem can be found in Escondido, Californina. Bellamy is home to a team of world famous chefs and an impeccable service staff, thanks to its owner Brian Bonar.

French Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty, the star of Bellamy’s distinguished staff, has been gained noticed from San Diego’s prominent magazine Modern Luxury. According to the article, Ponsaty’s a collaborator on all aspects of Bellamy’s, The Brandy Ranch and even a downtown pizza venture.

Corporate Chef Patrick Ponstay works closely with Executive Chef Jonathan Freyberg and an accomplished crew to created and prepare exquisite dishes. Kevin Ashe, Bellamy’s head bartender serves a variety of elegant wines and cocktails.

Derry Van Nortwick, the restaurant’s general manager, even offers a special Mother’s Day menu. Bellamy offers catering services for many different types of formal events, including birthdays and weddings. Recently, owner Brian Bonar’s stepdaughter Gianina Pickens has taken over the daily responsibilities of Bellamy.

Brian Bonar travelled from Scotland to San Diego, he also has an extensive business leadership background. In addition to his upscale restaurant, Bonar owns The Ranch at Brandy Canyon, the Southern Californina ranch is available for wedding ceremonies and special events. In 2001, the Brandy Canyon Ranch underwent a multimillion dollar restoration.

The rustic resort offers a variety of activities and unforgetable amenities, from trail rides to a General store. In 2013, Brian Bonar was featured in a San Diego Magazine article discussing his plans for Bellamy and The Ranch at Brandy Canyon. PR News Wire has it that Brian Bonar has certainly changed these two establishements, they’re success is clearly showing. They have both received rave reviews from both critics and patrons alike.

Balloons Filled with Used Toilet Paper Become Propaganda Weapon

It is no secret that North and South Korea do not like each other, but their efforts have taken a dirty turn lately as North Koreans are sending their trash in balloons over the border with propaganda messages attached to them. Dirty tissue, used toilet paper and cigarette butts filled the balloons that are designed to pop once they cross the border.

Officials in South Korea say they were afraid to begin with that the balloons were filled with chemical warfare agents but discovered the truth when some of the balloons failed to pop. The story has been covered in the well-respected United Kingdom newspaper, The Mirror.

On the contrary, Jon Urbana and others suggest that they are acting on the orders of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un who admits that he has ordered the playing of obnoxious propaganda music on the border between the two countries. Urbana believes that the dirty balloon attack was started on the orders of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Regardless of who started launching the balloons first, it appears that both sides are now sending balloons to the other side in a nasty battle that may only become nastier.