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Waiakea Water has a Unique Approach to Bottled Water

In the past decade or two the bottled watered industry has become worth nearly a billion dollars. With this much cash circulating around, the industry was sure to become high competitive. Now, if a company doesn’t have a big name like Pepsi behind it, or it doesn’t have a clear marketing strategy, it will not survive.

For those that don’t purchase bottled water on the regular, there are dozens of options for bottled water, not including brands. There is mineral water, spring water, filtered water, fruit water, and varieties of flavored water. The market is bigger than most people first assume.

Waiakea Water, which is bottled in Hawaii, is one of the newest entries into the bottled water industry, and so far, the company has made quite the splash. Everything from the filtration method, to the packaging, to marketing has been catered to in order to make a success brand.

Biodegradable Bottle

In the United States, 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in 2016. A large portion of these bottles end up in oceans all over the world.

Waiakea’s bottle degrades much faster than the average water bottle, completely degrading in just 15 years. Most bottles take over a millennium to completely degrade. This bottle has earned Waiakea Water a Carbon Neutral certification. Waiakea is successfully gaining an audience with environmentalist thanks to this.

What About the Actual Water?

Waiakea has some of the most nutrient-rich water on the market. These nutrients have a side effect on the water, raising the PH level of the water to the 8.8-8.9 mark from the usual 7. The nutrients are added to the water during the filtration process. The springs of Hawaii are littered with porous volcanic rock structures: the water flows through these structures, enriching the water with things like calcium and potassium. If you haven’t tried Waiakea Water then you haven’t tasted the benefits of volcanic rock filtration.