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The Management Strategies that have Pushed James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management to the Top

James Dondero is the CEO and President of Highland Capital Management. He has been at the top of the company’s leadership since its inception in 1993 and has managed to elevate it from a small community-based investment holding company to its current level of success. The primary focus of the investment company is alternative forms of investments such as leveraged loans, structured products, and high-yield bonds. Thousands of Americans have invested in the different companies that are under the Holding, and they are reaping huge benefits.

The company is currently headed by James Dondero and Mark Okada. When James conceptualized the company, he was looking for a business that would provide loans and other forms of business capital to fixed income markets and also offer senior loans which had security. The company operated as a single entity for a while before it proceeded to merge with Protective Life Insurance. This merger came to be known as PAMCO, Protective Asset Management Company. They gave up more than 60 percent of their shareholding to their company because they wanted to achieve growth and success. The insurance company controlled the 60 percent.

James says that one of the primary reasons that this was one of the toughest decisions that any entrepreneur has to live with. He says that they put strategies in place because they wanted a time to come when they would claim back their major shareholding in the business. After three years, they were able to get major shareholding from the insurance company. At this point, James suggested that the name of the company be changed to Highlands Capital Management. James still emphasizes the importance of business partnerships. He says that it was their merger with Columbia Asset Management which made it possible for the company to acquire two floating funds.

The many years of hard work and resilience have paid off beautifully for the enterprise. Currently, they are working on their strategy to make it a global venture, and have already established their presence in Singapore and Seoul in South Korea.

James Dondero has more than three decades in experience about financial markets. He understands the credit markets inside out. Before starting HCM, James worked for organizations such as American Express. He is also a CPA, CFA, and CMA. He has managed to turn a Texas-based company into a global business venture because of his exemplary leadership in business.

Neurocore – Leading Company Helps Aid Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. Sadly, it affects nearly 16 million adults each year. Depression can happen to anyone, and it doesn’t necessarily need a reason to rear its ugly head. At times, depression may develop without outside factors becoming the cause. Many times, certain life events can cause depression, such as divorce, financial struggles, traumatizing events and many other factors. Researchers also suggest that depression may be caused by genetics. Major Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder are three types of depression that many people suffer from. It’s important to understand why you may be suffering from depression and get the necessary help needed. Depression also takes a physical toll on the body, causing headaches, stomach problems, tension and shortness of breath. Depression is also a major cause of suicide, which has become the second leading cause of death for young people. Always take note of signs and help others get help if they may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. Depression is also the leading cause of disability among the age group of 15 – 44. It is estimated that $80 billion is spent annually on depressive disorders among the United States. It’s true that depression needs more funding. More and more people are suffering from the disorder and aren’t getting the help they need because money is an issue. Although someone with depression may seem hopeless, even the most sensitive cases can be treated and hope can be found.

Neurocore is a company that works with those who suffer from depression to help them understand that there is hope. They treat many different people with many different types of depression. They fully understand that certain events can develop causing major depressive disorders. Other times it may arise for no reason at all. They are trained to perform a neuro assessment that helps to understand how your brain is working. They use advanced qEEG technology to measure the brain’s electrical activity that help identify causes of depression symptoms. They will help guide you through their customized neurofeedback program and help train your brain to function better and overcome the depression cycle.

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Hard-hitting Investment Advice by Paul Mampilly

     Paul Mampilly is a well-established investor. However, he had humble beginnings which saw him rise through the ranks to have a successful career. After years of working on Wall Street, he decided to quit and geared his efforts towards helping regular citizens make informed investment decisions.

What Does he Do?

Paul Mampilly’s vast experience has helped him come up with tips on how people can invest and get higher returns. He says that the reason he quit Wall Street is that he felt the need to help more people from different backgrounds grow financially.

How to Grow Business

He stresses that for a business to grow, ensure that you have set priorities. Another strategy he says that works for him is choosing a good team of people. Ensure that the team you are working with has the same goals and objectives for the business as you.

Business Success

For a business to thrive in the market, you have to be willing to put yourself in a consumer’s perspective. Look at how the client would react and see if there are any loopholes. For Mampilly, before recommending any stock, he looks at the pros and cons to see if there is anything he is missing out.

Profits Unlimited

Once Mampilly left Wall Street, he came up with a newsletter, ‘Profits Unlimited.’ In this newsletter, there is a wide explanation on different ways of investing money. Paul Mampilly stresses out that through this newsletter; he can reach many people who are interested in investing. In other words, it is a guideline to all potential people willing to invest towards their journey to financial freedom.

Parting Shot?

Mampilly advises on focusing on technology. Most importantly, it is ever-changing and more and more innovations are coming up. He says that one of his success factors is focusing on the bigger trends which are why his focus is on technology.

Sometimes, when new to investing, there is so much to decide on. However, looking at the above insights by Paul Mampilly together with his newsletter, you are better placed at making better investment decisions.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partners to Launch Clinical Pathways

In an effort to bring more comprehensive cancer treatment to patients throughout the United States,Cancer Treatment Centers of America has joined NantHealth and Allscripts to allow physicians access to a large collection of cancer care data to make more informed decisions when treating can patients throughout the treatment process. Clinical Pathways uses electronic health record data that is seamlessly integrated into the physician’s own records, simplifying the process of sharing clinical data.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America began in 1988, after founder Richard J. Stephenson was unhappy with the treatment options available to his mother diagnosed with cancer at the time. After her death he began the CTCA, and there are now five active hospitals that offer a wide range of treatment to cancer patients throughout the country.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has opened up a patient information office in Mexico City, Mexico as of April 20, 2015 in an effort to bring cancer treatment options to patients throughout the world. With efforts reaching far and wide, the implementation of Clinical Pathways is even more significant.

With the ability to access data on cancer treatment, physicians are better able to manage the care of cancer patients throughout the process. As more patients are entered into the system, the data will only become more relevant to cancer treatment options.

Under the guidance of CTCA, Clinical Pathways is opening up a new pathway for physicians to share relevant data with other oncologists in the field. This will help create more informed, unified treatment for those with certain types of cancers and allow doctors to access data on rare cancers found throughout the world’s population. Clinical Pathways is going to be revolutionary to how cancer patients receive care throughout the world.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Shows Other Companies How to Perfrom

     One of the things that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero does with Grupo Televisa is set an example. He knows what the company needs and he also knows that other people are going to be able to do the same thing with their own companies. It is a part of the things that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has done in the past and it is something that has made Grupo Televisa better. For him to be able to do this, he has to make sure that he can help people and that they will be able to try different things. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is committed to the company and he also knows the right way to run a company like Grupo Televisa. There have been many different opportunities that he has had to make things successful and he knows all of these are a result of the options that has made him better.

For Grupo Televisa, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero made sure that he was showing the people what they needed to do. He made the team stronger and made sure that he was helping people learn how to work with others. He also showed them how they could find out what clients wanted so that they would be able to bring changes to the industry. Since Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero had worked with other media companies, he knew what he was doing and how to help people out to make Grupo Televisa the best that it could be. He knew what he was doing and that made a huge difference for him.

While Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knew what he was doing, other people weren’t always sure of the opportunities that he had created for them. They wanted to make sure that he was doing things right and that things would be better no matter what was going on. Despite the fact that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero knew how to make Grupo Televisa better, some people still questioned him. Now that the company is super successful, they are no longer questioning the efforts that he has put into the company.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – On Hot Topics

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on Mobileye on Advanced Driver Awareness Systems

A Mobileye Advanced Driver Awareness System can serve as a useful “third eye” while out on the roads: It can help to sense and see things that are not always caught by the driver or even by the riders in turn; in addition, this system will engage in immediate accident prevention by not only alerting the driver and other occupants of the oncoming dangers, but it’ll also make every attempt of its own to prevent such a potentially fatal disaster as soon as possible. This is what young and old drivers and passengers love about it. Plus, it’s highly accurate.

Mobileye Advanced Driver Awareness System on France’s Air Pollution Problem

It seems French citizens have ranked the quality of their country’s air as the second most-pressing environmental concern of 2015 alone, and that problem has only rapidly escalated in the two years since. Never before has such an issue become so prominent within the annual CGDD report on environmental opinions and practices regarding the greater French population. Additionally, one of the most probable explanations for this is due to a change of attitude through the awareness raised by implementing road space rationing in Paris. This happened in March 2014, then again in March 2015, following unusual spikes in atmospheric pollution.

A Stanza of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Poetry – Translated and Properly Paraphrased from Spanish

My mind cannot get one thing off of it, and that thing is you.

My closed eyes cannot keep me from visualizing you.

I’m glad you are gone.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – More

You may be wondering who this exceptional man is. How does he know so much? Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is an executive VP. He works under Grupo Televisa. He delivers.

The Rise Of Publicist, Alexandre Gama

     Alexandre Gama is one of Brazil’s top advertising executives today. Mr. Gama was born in the city of Rio de Janiero and attended the highly acclaimed Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation for his education. He completed a bachelor of arts degree in communications and marketing at the prestigious Brazilian institution there.

Alexandre Gama started off working at a multinational advertising company called Ogilvy & Mather that had a presence in Brazil. He was hired to do work as a copywriter and creative strategist out of college there. Eight years later, Alexandre Gama moved to work at another company called DM9. He held the same job position at DM9 as a copywriter and creative strategist. His work with DM9 helped propel his career and made him famous. While working as a copywriter at DM9 Alexandre Gama received the most awards and recognition of all the copy writers working in Brazil at the time.

Mr. Gama’s phenomenal work with DM9 lead him to bigger and better job opportunities. He got hired by marketing firms such as ALMAP BBDO. In addition, he was now promoted to holding an executive position instead of a copywriter. At Almap BBDO, Alexandra Gama was appointed as the agency’s executive creative director.

Alfonso de Angoita Noriega and His Contribution to Televisa’s Prominent Success

     Grupo Televisa S.A. is a multimedia television company from Mexico that is currently the largest in Latin America and possibly the most prominent among Spanish speakers worldwide. Founded in 1973 by Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta, Televisa’s ownership has been passed down by three generations of the Azcarraga family. Second largest to Televisa is Mexico’s TV Azteca. TV Azteca is owned by Grupo Salinas, a group of some of the largest companies in Mexico. Another major Mexican television network that I feel obligated to mention is Gala TV. Although not as commercially prominent as Televisa and TV Azteca, Gala TV is a subsidiary of Televisa and features a series of popular Mexican telenovelas and sports channels.

Televisa is currently owned by Emilio Azcárraga Jean, who became CEO when his father died in 1997. Emilio Azcarraga Jean credits much of Televisa’s success to his Executive Vice President ally, Alfonso de Angoitia. ALfonso de Angoita was appointed Vice President of Televisa in May of 2000 and previously served as Chief Financial Officer of Televisa. He is widely noted for his outstanding leadership abilities and his contribution to a wide portion of Televisa’s prosperity.

Prior to working on the Board of Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia received his law degree at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) in Mexico City. He then worked for an international law firm called White and Case in New York City before co-founding the Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C law firm. With his law degree, Alfonso de Angoitia started off as Emilio Azcárraga’s personal attorney. In 1997 he joined Televisa’s Board of Directors where he helped Emilio Azcarraga Jean reconstruct the the company’s financial and legal operating control. Two years later he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Televisa and was eventually named Executive Vice President of the entire company.

Clearabee is No Ordinary Trash Removal Company

London is a city with many people living closely together. This is why rubbish clearance becomes such an important issue for this grand city. Local residents know this well, so they rely on the help of companies like Clearabee for home and business trash removal. In fact, there is no local company which is better qualified in the UK today.


Clearabee is no ordinary rubbish clearance company, rather their work with rubbish clearance is the most professional available today. Their staff is well trained, on time and friendly. So many happy residents know their trucks on sight, because of the good job their boys have made a reputation on. Some companies just pick up trash and garbage, but Clearabee sets themselves apart by providing true customer satisfaction. This is the rubbish clearance company that puts customers as a top priority, as well as getting the job done right the first time.


At Clearabee, rubbish clearance is something to take pride in doing. No other company in London makes trash removal look more professional, or easier to do well. For anyone who knows what it is like to wait on rubbish removal or trash pickup, be glad that there are still some companies that care about their reputation today.


See what professionalism in rubbish removal should be like, it will change the way you think of trash pick up on your street. Call the one company that knows trash removal better than anyone providing services within the waste management industry throughout the UK. See for yourself.

Crucial Information Regarding NuoDB’ Market Input

Software markets are growing quite rapidly. With it comes a drive of new expectations for every individual. The tech firms in the market are faced with a challenge to drive the market. NuoDB is an SQL database-oriented tech company with zeal and capacity to adapt to the market opportunities efficiently. They do so through development of scalable databases for their clients. In short, NuoDB is a firm with a drive to keep at par with the ever-growing demands of the business environments.

NuoDB’s Role in Cloud Applications

Creation of cloud applications requires one to unify NoSQL database with traditional relational databases. NuoDB is an ideal servicer when it comes to combining the two. They also have the capacity to update existing cloud apps. NuoDB works with the help of their cost-efficient cloud databases. Their records are up-to-date, as they are combined with scales aimed at meeting necessities of an ever-demanding world.

Unique Strategy Making NuoDB an Ideal Market Choice

NuoDB employs a highly-informed strategy. They maintain transactional consistency in their database development. In their preparation for the future, they also incorporate the past. At NuoDB, they understand that users require a system that is always available. Even with server outages or data center stoppage, your NuoDB database will still run unaltered.