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TMS Health Solutions Innovative Towards Mental Health

TMS Health Solutions has offices throughout northern California and have plans to further expand their outpatient psychiatric services in the near future. TMS therapy Oakland is but one service area offered by TMS Health Solutions. TMS therapy Oakland – is a service modality provided by TMS Health Solutions at this location. The acronym, TMS, stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation and is used primarily in cases where resistant-depression has been diagnosed. Practices including TMS Health Solutions use the standard PRQ-9 Depression Screen to derive their patient diagnosis.

The website contains a detailed information packet, which one may download, that provides an overview of the services and treatment approaches utilized by this psychiatric practice. TMS therapy Parnassus, along with the other TMS Health Solutions locations including Roseville, San Francisco and Sacramento, assume a team approach dedicated to education, research and combining knowledge from both to treat mental health conditions, but especially major depression. The out-patient psychiatric practice was founded by its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Richard Bermudes. The logo of the butterfly is used as a representation of this practice’s philosophy. It is believed that with the right form of treatment that is built on respect as its foundation, patients can change and be ready to accomplish what is before them in their next life chapter and successive life chapters.

The website, defines TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation as follows: “A non-invasive medical technique that consists of a magnetic field emanating from a wire coil held outside the head. The wire coil induces electric current to nearby regions of the brain.”

TMS therapy Oakland has numerous testimonies at the website that espouse this to be a positive modality in treatment of major depression. Proponents of TMS therapy see it as useful for treating a variety of neuropsychiatric conditions.

The Oakland and San Francisco locations of TMS Health Solutions are accessible by their respective metro transit systems. The Oakland location is noted to offer metered street parking. Persons interested may visit the website. (See Contact information including email address and phone numbers are provided at the website.

The practice blends creativity, collaboration, entrepeneurship, and lifelong learning that result in personalized patient care, flexible scheduling and balance of work-life.

Robert Ivy’s Passion For Architecture

     Every field has people who shape it. Influencers who are passionate about the field and its future.In the field of architecture, Robert Ivy is one of those people- passionate about the future of architecture. Robert Ivy is a passionate architect who has played an instrumental role in shaping the field to become what we know it today. He has overseen 33 architectural publications both print and online and has worked with many respectable organizations in architecture including American Institute of Architects, AIA, where he now is the VP and CEO.

Robert got his master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University and his undergraduate degree from Sewanee University. He climbed up the ladder of his career rather quickly courtesy of his hard work and wide reading. He was always looking out for new architectural designs and trends in the field. This saw him gather invaluable experience that enabled him be appointed in some of the most prestigious positions in this field.

Robert Ivy’s experience and dedication in the field of architecture has seen him win several award over the years. These include the crane award which recognized his contributions to media and being named master architect, to recognize the input he has in the world of architect, by Alpha Rho Chi. These awards came as a result of the projects he had successfully seen though and the publications he had been involved in either as an editor or contributor. The recognition of his efforts and experience in the field of architecture have seen him be an authority in his field.

Robert says that what motivated him to accept the position of vice president and chief executive officer at AIA is what the institution stands for; the highest standard of professional ethics and design. Considering the culture of excellence he has cultivated over the years, fitting into this position that required nothing but excellence was considerably easy for him. Since his appointment, he has dedicated himself to ensuring that all who practice in the field of architecture adhere to the code of ethics put in place and architectural designs are not only cutting edge but also efficient.

You are not a leader is there is no one following you. Robert Ivy would not be a leader in the field of architecture is there was no one following in his footsteps. As the editor in chief of record, he has mentored many in architectural design and made it possible for architects to inspire one another through the magazine. During his reign as editor in chief, the designs published have been cutting edge and inspiring. This has seen architectural designs take a step forward. Through this magazine he has also been able to share and influence people in matters pertaining the building environment.


The Rise of Betsy DeVos and the Transformation of Education.

In a word, Betsy DeVos is a completely fresh face in the world of politics. Plucked out of Michigan’s Republican Party, where she served as the chairwoman for multiple years, DeVos has been put into a position to help lead the transformation of the United States educational system. Donald Trump, now President Donald Trump, rose to acclaim and power by citing his desire to fight back against the catered conventions of old-school Washington politics. Put simply, President Trump decided early on that he wanted to ‘drain the swamp’ in order to change the way that the country operates. In order for this to happen, key figures needed to be installed into his administration that weren’t constrained by decades in government. SO what does Betsy DeVos have to offer as the new Secretary of Education? What will DeVos make her legacy stand for?


Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan which is a town located on the western edge of the state. Born into a Dutch community, DeVos worked closely with the family business by helping her father at his automobile company. Her brother, Erik Prince, is the founder of the security team Blackwater and one of the most notable figures in contract work overseas. Despite her family lineage, Betsy DeVos has steadfastly worked in order to separate herself on her own merits. Betsy DeVos would go on to attend Calvin College and while there she would hone in on some of the key concepts that would begin to inform her life’s pursuit. Chief among those concepts is the idea of school choice.


School choice is an idea made initially popular by the work of Milton Friedman. Friedman penned various essays during his heyday, with the majority of them hitting circulation nearly 50 years ago. Friedman’s works looked at the role of the government in relation to the educational system. Betsy DeVos seized on these ideas in order to help develop school choice into a core tenet of right-wing ideology. As a champion of school choice, Betsy DeVos helped to bring the topic to states around the country. DeVos is the defacto leader of school choice and her work has brought more than 33 institutions into reality, spanning 17 states, working with 250,000 students.


Now, in Washington D.C., Betsy DeVos will have the Presidential mandate to get work done but she will have to prove herself first. Betsy DeVos comes to Washington D.C. as a political outsider, one who has not had to fight with the Washington elite. As a result, many of these old politicians are going to choose to test her and fight her every step of the way. If Betsy DeVos wants to succeed in Washington D.C., she’ll have to use the traits she earned while working in Michigan as a political activist and school choice champion. People close to DeVos know her as a political bulldog and if she lives up to that name then we could end up seeing real change in the United States Department of Education. Learn more:

How Dr. Shafik Sachedina Runs Sussex Health Care

     Dr. Shafik Sachedina started out his professional career in the field of dentistry. It was in 1975 that he earned his dental degree by attending the University of London’s Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. He is trained as a dental surgeon and has performed many surgeries over the years. He is also a co-founder of Sussex Health Care. This company provides both support services and housing to those who are unable to take care of themselves. He is originally from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He moved to the United Kingdom in the early 1970s and is now a British National.

At Sussex Health Care Dr. Shafik Sachedina acts as a joint chairman of the company. His company has 20 homes in the Sussex region. Many of the people they care for are elderly but they provide services and housing to younger people as well. Many of them have mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. The younger people they help usually have learning or physical difficulties that make it impossible for them to provide for themselves. Dr. Shafik Sachedina makes sure that these people have professional and caring help at the homes his company operates.

In order for the people at Sussex Health Care to be in good health they need to be mentally and physically stimulated. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has a number of programs in place to provide this stimulation. There are both recreational and social programs available so that the whole person is cared for. Among the activities available are dancing, cooking, crafting, taking quizzes, and talking about their memories of the past.

In addition to his top role at Sussex Health Care, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dedicated philanthropist. He volunteers his time for nonprofit organizations such as the Jamati Institutions and the Aga Khan Development Institute. The latter is an organization that provides support to people of Ismaili descent who live in Central Asia. Dr. Shafik Sachedina volunteers both his time and expertise as well as money to the causes that he supports.

Building America With the American Institute of Architects

     The history of AIA borders a significant amount of time that positions it as a leading organization for architectural advocacies. Established in 1857, the American Institute of Architects has a team of professionals who continue to elevate the excellence and professionalism of architects, through immense contribution. AIA was formed by 13 professional architects. Since then, the institution has achieved tremendous success by advocating for better architectural workforce. AIA has over 80,000 members, a team that boasts of accessing high-quality resources to handle its projects.

Mechanism for service delivery

AIA applies the supremacy of design to transform the society. To better expand its input, the organization has always advocated for positive change through excellent service delivery. The company operates on the basis of viable ethics. This is often associated with delivering high performance standards at work. Until now, the organization has handled over 1,000 society-based projects. All the projects are inclined towards driving a positive change in the industry of building and design. Often, AIA has been linked to the recognition of high-performance architects, a quality that ranks it among the world’s highest calibers of performance.

Leadership with Robert Ivy

As usual, the success of an organization is appended to its leadership. A successful organization is normally a mirror and reflection of who the leader is. At AIA, Robert Ivy has been a great leader who utilizes excellent managerial skills to advocate for constructive architectural policies. Robert promotes excellence in architecture. He utilizes his executive position to instigate transformative projects in the industry of architecture. Through him, AIA conducts competitions based on sharpening the competitive skills of professionals. AIA also works with architects to establish strong client-based relationships.

Awards for recognition

AIA offers various awards to the world’s best architects. Some of these awards include Collaborative Award and the Thomas Jefferson Award. Often, these awards are obtainable by recognition of excellence in the field of architecture. It all boils down to ensuring that the discipline with which this professionalism has been handled is recognized and rewarded.

The conclusion

AIA is known for providing its members with numerous professional, developmental opportunities. In addition to that are the contract documents that serve as models for high-quality designs in the construction industry. In chipping in to their profession and that of communities, members of AIA participate in various professional designs from urban development to professional academies. To strengthen the service-delivery interface, AIA utilizes intern development programs to aid upcoming professionals.

How Ted Bauman Became a Veteran Financial Journalist

     Ted Bauman is among the few people who have used their careers to change the lives of many societies. As a veteran journalist, Bauman has shown strong commitment in providing his readers with informative resources focused on giving them the power to lead an independent life that is devoid of undue interference from the government or big business establishments.

Ted Bauman is well vast in low-risk investment strategies, privacy, international migration and asset protection. Since 2013, Mr. Bauman has spent his prime career time in Banyan Hill Publishing where he has perfectly executed his mandate as editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted also doubles up as a writer for The Sovereign Investor Daily and FREE daily newsletter.

Both The Bauman Letter and The Alpha Stock Alert provide advice on financial issues. The Bauman Letter specifically is tailored for readers who are in dire need of actionable ways to build wealth, achieve freedom from public attention and ultimately live their desired level of lifestyle. The Alpha Stock has won the hearts of many readers who are in constant search of means to grow and protect their wealth.

Ted’s experience in financial issues that enable him to supply readers with valuable advice on their financial concerns has been built over years that he spent in various high-profile organizations. Though Mr. Bauman’s was born Washington, D.C., he found himself spending over two decades in South Africa, a location that played a pivotal role in shaping his career. Before starting to work in South Africa, Ted advanced his education at the University of Cape Town where he completed his postgraduate education in Economics and History. He later went to occupy high-ranking positions in nonprofit organizations in the African nation. Serving as a fund managers gave Ted prerequisite skills, which enabled him to found Slum Dwellers Internationals, a nonprofit that has given over 14 million people across the world access to proper housing at affordable rates. Bauman also worked as a consultant tasked with research and report writing on urban planning, housing and finance issues. In this capacity, Ted got a chance to work with notable clients among them, the United Nations, Government of South Africa, and the World Bank.

Today, Ted Bauman lives in Atlanta, GA. Besides writing for various media houses, Ted’s work has also been featured on several platforms across the globe, which include the Journal of Small Enterprise Development, Cape Argus and the Guardian among others.

The American Institute of Architects’ 21st Century Focus

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is tackling the issues facing us in the 21st century under the forward-thinking leadership of CEO Robert Ivy, who also holds the title of executive vice president. Since 2011, Ivy has promoted the role of architects in advancing sustainability practices. With buildings being major carbon polluters, architects have an opportunity to mitigate climate change with renewable energy integration and tools provided by the AIA. Architect, the AIA’s journal publishes news, award winners and building projects submitted by members.

The professional, membership-based organization is open to architects, including recent graduates, architecture faculty and professionals in closely related fields. Membership benefits include networking opportunities, online courses, business boosting tools and more. Member groups provide architects connections with individuals who share an interest in hazard mitigation, global practices and civic leadership. When architects look for the latest trends, in order to keep their business current, they turn to the AIA and the organization’s quarterly Home Design Trends Survey. In 2017, outdoor living rooms are what interest consumers most, followed by mud rooms and home offices.

Ivy, who has extensive design and construction experience, wants 21st century architects to think beyond buildings and spaces to public health and safety. People spend the majority of their time indoors; architects can design clean air, healthier buildings. For safety, they can design hurricane and tornado-proof buildings that can mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

In 2010, Ivy earned the title Master Architect, given by an architectural fraternity, because he understood the value of design and he tries to pass his knowledge on to the generation of architect. In 1993, the AIA bestowed the honor of naming Ivy to the AIA College of Fellows.

In his current position, Ivy manages the more than 200 employees at AIA’s national office in Washington, DC, directing the organization’s focus and enhancing the public’s knowledge of architects and how they can help with environmental issues. With more than 90,000 members, the AIA is the premier professional organization for architects and allied professionals with members in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Working for YOU at Sussex Healthcare

     In any healthcare environment, it is a team of professionals that make the operation run smoothly. At Sussex Healthcare, there are many dedicated professionals to make this care and support home a top notch alternative for extended care. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is one of those professionals, and he has always taken pride in the well-qualified staff he has at Sussex Healthcare.

Dr. Sachedina is the joint chairman of the board of directors at Sussex Healthcare, and everything that he and his fellow associates do is in an effort to aim the healthcare facility towards excellence. He knows that every employ at Sussex Healthcare owes it to the service users to give their all each and every day, day in and day out.

One of the things that Dr. Sachedina loves to emphasize would be the training workshops that each and every employee is required to attend. He knows that it is only through proper training that service users are able to get all of their needs fulfilled in an appropriate and competent manner. He knows that is the mark of a well-managed organization.

How does Dr. Sachedina emphasize the training aspect for all of his employees in a thorough manner? Quite simple. He actually does it by emphasizing partnerships with local colleges, such as the University of Chichester. He loves to brag on some of the recent training from this university, including the fact that many of the employees have successfully completed year-long apprenticeships that will better help them meet the needs of all of the service users.

You see, Dr. Sachedina realizes that it through the hard work and study of these employees that they are able to earn Level 5 Diplomas in Professional Practice in Social Care. This new knowledge base is something they can apply to help them make Sussex Healthcare continue to improve the lives of literally thousands of people.

It’s all about improving people’s lives, and Dr. Sachedina realizes that everyone makes Sussex Healthcare what it is. He realizes that it is only through dogged determination that the organization will continue to maintain their sterling reputation.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up with NFLA and LabCorp to Raise Awareness About Prostate Cancer

PR Newsiwre published the article provided by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America called “The National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp Team Up to Offer Prostate Cancer Screenings Starting in September”. Prostate cancer affects nearly one in seven men, particularly African-American men. That’s why the National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp teamed up to help raise awareness about this deadly cancer.

They are providing a variety of events and screenings to help educate and improve awareness about the cancer that affects so many men. From September through mid-October, the LabCorp will offer free screenings to 2,000 men who are qualified and over 40. Their Prostate Specific Antigen screening will be available at any of their locations around the states. After those free screenings have been used, LabCorp will offer screenings at an incredible discount of $25 dollars if the men sign up within the time allotted.

NFLA will add to the events with their Prostate Pep Talk Campaign. They have a variety of former NFL affiliates like Bill Cowher, Herm Edwards, and Dick Vermeil who will provide public service announcements during September’s campaign.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals dedicated to caring for their patients and helping them fight cancer. They are dedicated to bringing the advanced technology to their patients, creating a more modern care for their patients. They provide a team of experts to their patients all housed in the same location. The clinicians, nurses, and oncologists are all experts in their field and work exclusively with cancer patients.

The CTCA team includes board certified specialists in a variety of cancers including melanoma, throat, cervical, pancreatic, breast, lung, prostate, and throat cancer. There are a variety of treatment options available and the specialists understand that each patient and each cancer is unique. That’s why they provide precision cancer treatment, taking the fight to the cellular level.

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Why Neurocore is changing the quality of health

Neurocore is a brain checkup center where the condition of the brain is constantly monitored to check if there is something that can be corrected. The organization works to maintain the brain balance so that there can be very little negative impacts on the brain conditions. The company uses a brain analysis system where qEEG technology is widely in application. The good news about this deal is that there is no medication involved. People can get their share of health without going through the process of medication or putting any alien substance in their bodies. A picture of what happens in the brain is taken, and the results are analyzed.
The dependency of the center
Neurocore is very dependable because of the professional team that is in place to help with the diagnosis procedure. The procedure is always very short, and the clients are not likely going to feel any pain. From testimonials, the organization has been in operation especially in Michigan, and the patients have been among the most satisfied in the region. Before the process is started, the professionals first educate the patients on what they should expect from the whole deal. The clients get the satisfaction of trust because of the past experiences with other people and the safety of the whole process.
Neurocore does not require any special procedure to be effective. Having made the diagnosis for long, there is a likelihood that the return clients understand the beauty of the services and how it important the servicing can get. After getting a lucid tableau of what happens in the brain, the professionals make a conclusion and recommendation on how the health can be improved. Neurocore is concerned about the state of health of the brain. When the brain is neglected, there are several harms that it can cause to the body. With the qEEG technology, the brain can be in a position to work in the best condition. The state of the brain becomes the basis on which the center develops a care program. Each brain could be having different conditions, and the company needs to work perfectly to ensure all are covered.

Please follow Neurocore on Twitter for the most up to date information.