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Skouts Conducts Super Survey This Month


Making A Wish For A Better World With Skout

Have you heard of Skout? The Skout application is a fun and innovative way that people are using to meet other people with similar interests. The users on Skout are there for a variety of reasons, so you could find a meaningful new friend to connect with on their application, or you could find that romantic someone that you have been searching for all of those years. Whatever you are looking for in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, you can find that on Skout. Skout is fun, and it is free to use. You can download the application of your smartphone for free, and you could have some new connections to talk with on your phone by tonight!

Skout is always doing exciting new things with their application in order to get people involved in events in the world. They have made surveys in the past for several different fun holidays that users may not have heard of without the help of Skout. The month of April contains one of the most fun holidays of all: National Superhero Day. In order to see how their users felt about superheros, Skout decided to make a survey for this holiday, and they thought of a great charity to get involved with in support of others.

The survey had all sorts of fun questions about superheros. Users had the chance to choose what super power they would have if they could have any super power. The majority of people (around 33 percent) chose to have immortality above all other powers. Coming in second on this survey questions was the power of flight at 29 percent. 22 percent of users surveyed chose super strength over all other powers. Lastly, 17 percent of users surveyed chose to have super speed over all other powers.

In order to get users involved in the community and giving back to others, Skout thought of a great way to use the application like a superhero would use it. They actually created a gift that users could purchase within the application that is of a superhero theme. Users could purchase this gift to give to another user, and the proceeds would go to benefit one wish from the Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area. Here’s the link to the full article from PR Newswire about Skout.


Empowering the Youth as an Environmental Conservation Measure

Jon Urbana is a philanthropic individual who began a campaign on the GoFundMe website. The total amount to be collected from the operation is $1,750. The money is meant to finance an organization dear to Jon Urbana’s heart known as Earth Force. This institution targets the youth because of their affinity for knowledge. They are expected to improve the quality of their surroundings using the knowledge acquired.

The GoFundMe website comprises of an appealing user interface. Those who want to donate are required to create an account. People require an Internet connection and a computer to access this service. They are consequently required to select their most preferred method of transaction.

Jon Urbana is an inhabitant of Denver and has also participated in other philanthropic activities. He founded a lacrosse summer camp with an objective of nurturing sporting skills of the youth. Urbana organizes his lacrosse camp so that it takes place every summer season. This individual grew up in Colorado and learned about nature conservation at a tender age.

Environmental education is a very essential tool used to change individual attitudes towards Mother Nature. Youngsters are selected for this operation because of their age. Furthermore, most humans have the ability to grasp knowledge when they are still young. Earth force seeks to be the leading environmental organization in the world. Urbana also hopes to empower the future generation with an overall aim of conserving nature.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Human activities degrade the environment in various ways. It is therefore important to conserve nature because it accommodates living things and provides resources that are needed for survival. Conservation measures such as creating environmental awareness are therefore essential. Numerous campaigns have also been evolved to address this issue. Most of them have been successful because of the financial support that they have received.

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