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The Traveling Vineyard Takes Hold

A new business concept called the Traveling Vineyard is taking hold as a business and a fun time. The company got its start in 2001, but recently has really become very popular as work at home business.

The Traveling Vineyard, of course, is all about wine and its decided format is to take all of the stuffiness out of wine drinking and take it for what it is – a fun time to break the barriers and enjoy the party.

There are 21 different varieties of wine with the Traveling Vinyard with the three categories of red, white and sweet and fizzy wines. The prices run from $14 to $25 per bottle. Of course people eventually run out of wine, so they have to buy more.

Since many home parties serve wine anyway for their meetings, Traveling Vineyard fits right in with that ideal. In order to become a Wine Guide, as they call their representatives, it costs $174 to get started. You have included in your startup price a Success Kit and two tasting sets. You get an electric wine opener when you reach sales totaling $750 in your first 60 days of wine guiding. If you happen to reach $1400 in your first 60 days you will also receive a $50 rebate.

Since just about everyone enjoys a glass of wine it would seem that this is a business that is destined to succeed. Just like everything else though, it does take some effort because not just everyone wants to have a party about anything in their home. At the current time there are about 1,000 wine guides in the United States, but that number is growing.

Wine Guides also get a 20% discount on the pricing of all of the Traveling Vineyard wines. The average amount of wine sold at the tasting parties is $417 of which the Wine Guide gets a percentage of 15% to 35% depending on the volume of the Wine Guide’s total sales.

Wine Guides can make money in four different ways including the home tasting parties. Other methods include online sales, monthly wine club sales, and in building a team of Wine Guides. People who have become Wine Guides thrive on the personal satisfaction and the camaraderie among the people involved.

The Traveling Vineyard system seems to hold a positive appeal among those who are currently involved. The product is good as it has a 98% approval rate and the business is relatively easy to conduct. Usually about five bottles of wine are offered to the hostess or host of a party which is enough to get a small group of people excited about meeting in regard to just about anything anyway.

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