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The Professional Journey and Accomplishments of Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan, since graduating from Purdue University in 1995, has been a leader in the technical customer service industry. While at Purdue, he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Leadership, and has gone on to establish two different companies, Fanlink Inc, and his current firm ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan noticed an increasing need in thousands of businesses for competent and high-performing customer service agents, both over the phone and through remote screen-sharing. Using his education and experience, he joined iS3 Inc as Executive Vice President in 2002. iS3 Inc is a software company that develops digital security solutions for different companies, and also provides customer support concerning the security systems for these companies.

Now with extensive experience in digital security, Mr. Deignan co-founded ATS Digital Services in 2011, and now serves as the CEO for the firm. Recently, ATS has been noted as the first call center certified by AppEsteem, a company founded by cybersecurity veterans from Microsoft. AppEsteem, based on input from government regulations, security firms, consumer groups, and others, certifies third party apps and related services. AppEsteem states that for too long, too many customers have been subjected to subpar customer service experiences, especially in call centers. However, ATS Digital Services has met all 39 criteria to become certified as a provider of premium support services to consumer software applications.

However, Robert Deignan is not just interested in cybersecurity and customer service, he is also an avid angler and has competed in multiple fishing tournaments. In 2016, Robert participated in and won the 79th annual Silver Sailfish Derby along with his team, Team Liquid.

Robert Deignan has been a successful businessman and entrepreneur since his days in Purdue University, and has now founded multiple companies, including the premier call center and customer service firm, ATS Digital Services. With his focus on providing the best customer service in the digital realm, he hopes to continue to expand his business and make sure customers are getting the best technical support possible.

Philanthropist Jason Hope — Making a Difference in Modern Society

Giving helps make the heart feels caring when you consider that human urge to do good for someone. This world is full of problems like the homeless, those who barely get by with a small paycheck, and companies with a shortage of supplies for coping with the labor force. Then, it’s because of free-will funding; the less fortunate can recognize opportunities and solve problems.

Without a doubt, philanthropist Jason Hope is helping to cause a change in our modern society. It’s a fact giving in many ways is among the most significant element towards humanity’s success. Let’s look at cultural, economic, social, and even biological. We accept these domains as human assets.

For example, a vital asset concerns your body’s physical strength, overall. Merely meaning we will discover various ailments while aging. Now, imagine what the following diseases could eventually do to the body’s physical power: osteoporosis, blood pressure, arthritis, and cancer. In other words, our understanding about philanthropy changes to a greater extent if we only considered the intellectual asset like emotion, insight, and knowledge.

Added to that, Jason Hope’s knowledge about futurism can fit well into this account. Our society expects breakthroughs in what technology will do for our welfare, shortly. As we mentioned the different diseases, our health care system is mainly targeting useful ways to handle these conditions and prevent them from developing.

Arizona, philanthropist, Mr. Hope has joined with the SENS Foundation to help the public with access to technology. Since December 2010, Jason Hope has given a half $1 million to help the organization succeed with an improved treatment that will reverse aging and stop different illnesses. Inside the Inspirery interview, Jason shared how he made money by using his technology-companies’ portfolio.

Also, the entrepreneur revealed his belief about transformation in people’s lives and the world — which the future of technology will bring about. Jason Hope has viewed how many organizations only focus on curing disease. His trust with the SENS Foundation is the company will do more than take care of a condition. Apparently, the organization will work with technology to delay or cure the aging course.

Jason Hope dons many hats such as philanthropist, entrepreneur, and futurist. Even further, the investor lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and he is passionate about giving to the community and for technology. Mr. Hope got his finance degree from Arizona State University. Plus, he went to the institutions, W.P. Carey School of business where he finished with an MBA.

Collectively, Jason has a keen interest in politics toward business ventures in the state of Arizona and around America. Of course, his dedication includes technology and philanthropic initiatives.

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Jason Hope Takes a Proactive Approach Towards Age-Related Diseases

Well known philanthropist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, is an avid financial contributor towards the innovations in rejuvenation biotechnology. Hope supports the cause by reinvesting his wealth obtained as a futurist, to the research of developing preventative medicine for age-related diseases. Hope like many others, believe that this technology is the platform for building a longer and healthier quality of life.

Jason Hope, fully and actively supports the research conducted by the non-profit organization, SENS. The SENS Research Foundation is a leader in the promotion of rejuvenation biotechnology and developing new programs in proactive human medicine. Audrey de Grey, co-founder of SENS is grateful for the donations and believes it has a direct correlation on results. The newest developmental discovery by SENS,in the anti-aging movement is with AGE-breaker, a preventative medicine program that removes the toxic substance in the body’s tissue that damages skin and muscle tissue.

Jason Hope uses his expertise in financial predictions to back up his outlook on anti-aging. He has strongly voiced support for the AGE-breaker treatment program. AGEs is referred to the metabolic toxins in our bodies that lead to the loss of elasticity and damage to the tissue in the human body.

The SENS organization focuses on educating the public while conducting research on the many aspects of age related illnesses. Research topics regarding rejuvenation biotechnology represent the future of the impact on anti-aging. This is something that Jason Hope stands behind when he supports SENS with rejuvenation biotechnology events and discussions.

Jason Hope receives fulfillment knowing that he provides a vast amount of the funding needed to continue with the anti-aging projects, collaborated by the SENS organization. His contributions have allowed the continued development of work in progress, focusing on reversing and preventing the effects of the aging process.

Jason Hope believes in supporting organizations that encompass innovative scientific research studies and advancement of human medicine. This is why he has been a major contributor and donor to SENS. Although Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance and a MBA in Business, his true passion is supporting improvements in modern medicine.

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How Richard Smith has Transformed Securus Technology

Richard Smith is the CEO of Securus Technology which began in 1986 and has regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Georgia, and Atlanta. Richard has an associate degree from Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the New York State University, Buffalo and a master’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick took over as the CEO on June 23, 2008, and is very skilful I and has vast practical experience. Rich has held several positions in the Telkomindustries. BeforeJoining Securus Smith has held various positions in other companies. He was the Controller and the chief information officer in Global Crossing North America. He later moved Midwest telephone services as the technology president, then became Midwest telephone operations manager and then proceeded to Network plant operations where he held various roles.In1998, he moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc and was named the CEO till the year 2000.

In Eschelon, under his leadership, the company’s revenue grew from $30 million to 350Million, and in 2005, he led the Eschelon through a very successful IPO.Since 2008 Rick has steered Securus towards a significant growth with the company continually reviewing and adding new communication solutions. Under the leadership of Rick, the company has added many products including investigator pro and heavily invested acquisition. That is in line with the company’s mission to be the leader in the industry. Securus Technology receives a lot of positive feedback from the community, friends, and family of the inmates applauding the work the company is doing to make incarceration safer.According to Rick who says that proposal products are released weekly to ensure they remain on top thus the positive feedback.

Smith says the company receives a thousand emails from the community on how the company has been providing adequate services which ensure the society is better and safer.Securus in a bid to remain the leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology has brought new senior sales executives to help develop a high-techsoftware, software-based team to enable the company deals with its expanding portfolio. According to Rick since 2015 the company has been investing around $ 600m in acquiring and developing several safety, security and efficient products and the company felt the need to add sales resources. The move will ensure that the company can market its expanding portfolio. Effectively the company has taken in John Bell as the Senior vice president of sales, and Josh Conklin will second him in the sales department. According to Smith, it is essential for the corrections and law enforcers to fully understand what the company is offering to ensure the success of the products.

Eric Pulier’s Interesting Career Trajectory

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of business professional because they look for potential while always fighting to find the next great enterprise. Eric Pulier has established himself over the past two decades as one of the most interesting entrepreneurs in the entire tech industry. His work continues to be praised, whether we are talking about vAtomic Systems or the XPrize Foundation, and that has given him some unique perspective to work with. Today we are going to dig into Pulier’s career and learn what makes him tick so that future entrepreneurs can learn from advice.

Eric Pulier’s work officially started with Digital Evolution back in 1984. Digital Evolution was his flagship company and it had to sprout out from the cracks in the cement in a way far different than what we see from today’s companies. Digital Evolution largely born from word of mouth and that extra effort gave Pulier the motivation he needed later in life to weather the tougher moments in between companies. Pulier says, “I credit much of my perseverance and positive outlook to experiences I gained.”

Most entrepreneurs go through at least one or two rough patches in their career but they are able to get through it thanks to their past experiences. Pulier credits his early career investments as being the primary motivators for success. Pulier says, “I think my initial experiences of having to put my personal finances on the line to grow my first business makes me take everything that much more seriously.”

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey and as a child he grew up loving technology. It was clear early on that he had a real passion for technology. Before he even graduated high school Pulier was running his own company based around providing computer databases. This early passion would lead Pulier to head to Harvard where he would graduate Magna Cum Laude. Pulier would then head straight to Los Angeles in order to begin pursuing his dreams. Since the early ’90s Pulier has been working to build his brand and his empire and we expect it to keep on going.

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The Greatness of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a successful businessman and apart from that, he is also a futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He is also an awesome man who is interested in technology. Furthermore, Hope uses some of his time to say something about politics. He achieved an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School specifically in the department of business and also a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University.

Since Jason Hope is a philanthropist, he gives out few of his assets and resources to those who are in need. Other than that he is participating in having local firms developed in Arizona, and this comes in handy because of his great skills in business. Moreover, he also helps different companies specifically the companies that have the objective of assisting older people.

His eye for technology involves research and development. He does not miss an opportunity that comes with his ideas in technology such as; desktop software, mobile applications, and gaming software. He is interested in those categories due to the enhancement of communication. Good communication is a necessary tool when it comes to developing good relationships and peace.

His passion for technology gives him the opportunity to be able to look out for fresh trends in the market so that he can use that to develop ideas on technology. He is a generous individual who shares such like ideas and factors to other people and organizations so that they can also keep developing. Teamwork, much effort, and dedication always contribute so much to the success of mobile marketing business. Therefore, when people have excellent ideas on their business, it is obviously meant to succeed given there is hard work and commitment.

Some of the reasons why Jason Hope keeps prospering in life and his business is being able to collaborate with upcoming business people, for the purpose of assisting them to grow their business to a higher level. Hope gives them capital to have a good beginning and this encourages them to work even harder. To conclude, Jason Hope is an accomplished entrepreneur who is certain that technology contributes greatly to the growth of a business.

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