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The Professional Journey and Accomplishments of Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan, since graduating from Purdue University in 1995, has been a leader in the technical customer service industry. While at Purdue, he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Leadership, and has gone on to establish two different companies, Fanlink Inc, and his current firm ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan noticed an increasing need in thousands of businesses for competent and high-performing customer service agents, both over the phone and through remote screen-sharing. Using his education and experience, he joined iS3 Inc as Executive Vice President in 2002. iS3 Inc is a software company that develops digital security solutions for different companies, and also provides customer support concerning the security systems for these companies.

Now with extensive experience in digital security, Mr. Deignan co-founded ATS Digital Services in 2011, and now serves as the CEO for the firm. Recently, ATS has been noted as the first call center certified by AppEsteem, a company founded by cybersecurity veterans from Microsoft. AppEsteem, based on input from government regulations, security firms, consumer groups, and others, certifies third party apps and related services. AppEsteem states that for too long, too many customers have been subjected to subpar customer service experiences, especially in call centers. However, ATS Digital Services has met all 39 criteria to become certified as a provider of premium support services to consumer software applications.

However, Robert Deignan is not just interested in cybersecurity and customer service, he is also an avid angler and has competed in multiple fishing tournaments. In 2016, Robert participated in and won the 79th annual Silver Sailfish Derby along with his team, Team Liquid.

Robert Deignan has been a successful businessman and entrepreneur since his days in Purdue University, and has now founded multiple companies, including the premier call center and customer service firm, ATS Digital Services. With his focus on providing the best customer service in the digital realm, he hopes to continue to expand his business and make sure customers are getting the best technical support possible.

How Richard Smith has Transformed Securus Technology

Richard Smith is the CEO of Securus Technology which began in 1986 and has regional offices in Carrolton, Texas, Allen, Georgia, and Atlanta. Richard has an associate degree from Institute of Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the New York State University, Buffalo and a master’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA from the University of Rochester. Rick took over as the CEO on June 23, 2008, and is very skilful I and has vast practical experience. Rich has held several positions in the Telkomindustries. BeforeJoining Securus Smith has held various positions in other companies. He was the Controller and the chief information officer in Global Crossing North America. He later moved Midwest telephone services as the technology president, then became Midwest telephone operations manager and then proceeded to Network plant operations where he held various roles.In1998, he moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc and was named the CEO till the year 2000.

In Eschelon, under his leadership, the company’s revenue grew from $30 million to 350Million, and in 2005, he led the Eschelon through a very successful IPO.Since 2008 Rick has steered Securus towards a significant growth with the company continually reviewing and adding new communication solutions. Under the leadership of Rick, the company has added many products including investigator pro and heavily invested acquisition. That is in line with the company’s mission to be the leader in the industry. Securus Technology receives a lot of positive feedback from the community, friends, and family of the inmates applauding the work the company is doing to make incarceration safer.According to Rick who says that proposal products are released weekly to ensure they remain on top thus the positive feedback.

Smith says the company receives a thousand emails from the community on how the company has been providing adequate services which ensure the society is better and safer.Securus in a bid to remain the leader in providing civil and criminal justice technology has brought new senior sales executives to help develop a high-techsoftware, software-based team to enable the company deals with its expanding portfolio. According to Rick since 2015 the company has been investing around $ 600m in acquiring and developing several safety, security and efficient products and the company felt the need to add sales resources. The move will ensure that the company can market its expanding portfolio. Effectively the company has taken in John Bell as the Senior vice president of sales, and Josh Conklin will second him in the sales department. According to Smith, it is essential for the corrections and law enforcers to fully understand what the company is offering to ensure the success of the products.

Jason Hope; Investor, Futurist, And Entrepreneur

Jason Hope recently appeared in an article that appeared on Engadget. The report suggests that Hope believes that the Internet of Things will take over the technology industry. The Internet of Things can be described as technology that connects different devices to each other so that they are in sync. Connected devices have a variety of benefits and will improve the quality of human life and reduce wastage. Hope believes that the trend will be very influential that it will become the largest investment that corporations will invest.

Jason believes that any company that wants to succeed in the future needs to embrace the new technology before it is too late. This is because nearly all devices will be able to communicate with each other in the future. Jason Hope predicts that there will be a lot of competition between major companies to see who will develop the most useful apps for consumers to engage. One area that he projects will be changed for the better is public transportation. There will be better monitoring of routes and fixing of transportation issues. People might decide to stop using their cars and use public transit more often. This will reduce traffic congestion in the end.

Jason Hope is an author, an investor, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. Jason attended Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in Finance. He later earned an MBA from the University at the W.P. Carey School of Business. He has been heavily involved with the SENS Foundation. The foundation does research on rejuvenation biotechnologies. Hope invested half a million dollars in the organization to help it move closer towards its goal of fighting age-related diseases.

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The Many Hats of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier wears many hats. He is an entrepreneur, technologist, author, columnist, speaker, philanthropist, and founder of more than 15 companies. He either founded, co-founded, or funded successful companies such as Digital Evolution, U.S. Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. He has also invested in organizations such as Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Venture. Eric Pulier is obviously a very busy businessman, but he has time to be a devoted father to his four children.

He and his children reside in Los Angeles, California. His life is very good both personally and professionally. It has been quite a climb for him from his humble beginnings as a young man growing up in Teaneck, New Jersey. It was during his elementary years here that he became fascinated with computing and started his first company in high school. It was a database computer company and would only be the beginning for Pulier. He began his further education at Harvard University in 1984, graduating magna cum laude in 1988.

In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles and founded People Do Things and three years later Digital Evolution. Then in 1995, he took the role of Chairman and CEO of SOA Software. And his hand in company founding and investing kept on building from that point on. He also owns a restaurant and night club in Santa Monica, California. He has even had a hand in assisting the government. In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee appointed him to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was called “The Bridge to the 21st Century.”

He has also advised Vice President Al Gore during the health care and technology forum. Since 2005, he has served as Secretary and CTO of the Santa Monica Media Corporation. As mentioned, he has also become an author after co-authoring Understanding Enterprise SOA, a now very respected book on service-oriented architecture. Pulier is also a very generous donor to a number of non-profit organizations. His two biggest charitable initiatives are X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle. Pulier is today, so respected in the business industry that he is considered one of the greatest pioneers of the software and digital industry initiatives in history.

Finding Inmates Through Their Voice: Investigator 4.0

Investigator 4.0 by Securus Technologies makes it possible to identify a criminal by his voice. Voices have a quality to them which is as unique as a fingerprint. Just like there are no two fingerprints alike, there are no two voices alike. The differences can be hard to determine, however; and that’s where technology comes in. The right kind of computational software can analyze a voice for similarities and identify said voice being used in disparate locations. Even criminals that try to hide their voices can be foiled by a computer that is looking for characteristics which can’t be consciously downplayed or ignored.



Securus Technologies provides communications solutions for inmates of over 2,600 correctional facilities. In total, Securus caters to some 3,450 public safety institutions, correctional facilities, and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, they deal with 1.2 million inmates on a regular basis. Those inmates often communicate with individuals who are not incarcerated. Despite such a ubiquitous prison system, organized crime in America often deals with the incarcerated. Sometimes, for example, the leader of a criminal organization will be incarcerated and operations from that criminal enterprise don’t cease. Why? They are being conducted from the inside. This can be done through a variety of legal visitations and telephone conversations. With Investigator 4.0 by Securus subsidiary JLG Technologies, it’s easier than ever to identify who may be coming or going as a visitor at a prison. Their voice can be matched against other criminal voices whose phone calls have been recorded. This makes it easier to arrest criminals involved in hidden activity, and curb the tide of criminal behavior that is conducted from within a given facility.


Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Talk Fusion: Making a Difference, One Business at a Time


When it comes to Talk Fusion, they are all about giving back. Nobody is more committed or dedicated than its Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. He strongly believes that everyone needs a helping hand sometime in their life, so why not provide that for them? Bob is in support of helping out as many charities and non-profits around the world as he possibly can. He believes that by giving back, people can finally build a better future and realize all of their potentials. Bob wants to act as a stepping stone for getting to that positive place in your life.

In fact, Bob recently launched a program in which Talk Fusion Associates are able to donate one free charity account to the charity of their choosing. This enables charities to have full access to Talk Fusion’s amazing video products. Bob stands behind his products as he knows they will help build your organization up and reach more people across the globe than before. Your message will spread and grow like you have never seen it before. You can use these video products to promote upcoming adoption events or even talk about an upcoming fundraiser for a cause you are passionate about. Whatever you decide to do, there are so many possibilities when it comes to Talk Fusion’s products.

Talk Fusion is the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. These video products enable you to effectively communicate better and faster with other people all over the world. Talk Fusion’s video products include Video Chat, Video Email, Video Newsletters, and Live Meetings. To use these products, you simply have to record a video, upload it to your Talk Fusion account, and send it off to anyone you would like. What makes Talk Fusion unique is that when you send a video link in an email, the video link plays right inside that email rather than the video opening in a new window. These products are not only user-friendly, but they are also affordable. Try out the wonderful video products Talk Fusion has to offer and see what a positive difference it can make in your life.

Talk Fusion is Innovative Video at its Best!


When Bob Reina started Talk Fusion, I think he had a pretty good idea it was going to be successful and become a real hit with people. However, I don’t think he could have even imagined it would reach the levels of popularity it has in such a short period of time. However, Bob Reina is the type of person that can sense what the public needs and he likes to give it to them. He is all about making people happy and most of all, making dreams come true. He feels it is what he was put on this earth for, and he is happy when his products can make life easier and more enjoyable.

Talk Fusion is known as the “All in One Video Marketing Solution.” Anything that is all in one is great for customers. It makes things easier. Let’s face it: life is hard enough as it is and sometimes we need things to be a little easier for us. The easier they are, the more successful we can become, as we don’t have any roadblocks in our way. We simply can push forward without any obstacles and without anything standing in our way. That is the best way to operate and the best way to achieve success.

The great thing about this product is that it can be had for just one low price. What you pay for it, you earn it back in more ways than one. It helps you stay connected and that is what the world is all about today: staying connected. Whether you want to stay in touch with loved ones, your business, or reconnect with an old friend, Talk Fusion allows you to do that. What is great about this product is that it is simplified for those that might not be as tech savvy. That is not a knock on them, but it is easy to use, fun, and there are a variety of templates to choose from when using this product.

No matter how you want to use Talk Fusion, there is a way for you to use it. There are really no limits with this product, which is why it is growing in popularity, each and every single day. There is no better time than now to sign up and purchase Talk Fusion, as you will find it rewards you in ways you never thought possible in your life.


Shaygan Kheradpir: New Coriant CEO


The chairperson of the board of committee members and the CEO of the Coriant Company is none other than the great Shaygan Kheradpir. This company has an excellent reputation as well as a market and also a proven supplier of the innovative networking solutions in more than one hundred countries in the entire world. This does not fail to include the not out of ten tier in the world of communications as a service provider in itself.

Shaygan is also a well-known figure in the world of governance as well as technology. He is also recognized for his outstanding skills in leadership as well as technology with a vast experience that spans over twenty-eight years. He also has experience in plenty about technology communication, as well as the industries of finance. Shaygan’s career began at the company by the name GTE incorporation that gave him the first opportunity, and he used it to show the world his extraordinary talents in leadership and technological innovations. He was then later on appointed as the Verizon EVP and also as the leader in information officer. At that very company, he also became the executive member of the board of directors. Still, at the Verizon company, he leads the team that was set aside to manage the developmental and innovations that would make the business come out shining. He drove the systems at the Verizon company to a more innovated system and more efficient than ever before. He was also forefront at pioneering innovative products like the FiOS, which is one of the largest infrastructure program in the entire United States of America with more than twenty billion dollars in investment.

Shaygan, later on, went to work with Barclays Bank. This is also the platform where he also held leadership roles in his career. He helped the company in creating a transformation program in mobile banking that saw the company’s growth more than double with the conversion program in more than fifty countries in the world with more than one hundred and fifty employees. This went down to history as the turn round of the transformation history of the bank into modernization in the 21st century. He, therefore, became the Jupiter Networks CEO and helped the company in developing an integrated plan in networking and marketing before he joined variant, Shaygan worked as an operating partner for the Marlin equities focusing on technology and telecom services.

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Volunteer Editors Save The Day At Wikipedia



Even a civilized organization like Wikipedia ( on occasion might seem to be crawling with obstruction and disagreement, according to one of the organization’s volunteer editors. In an e-mail, he reported to the site’s producer several attempts to write articles for Wikipedia page for company and he has been faced with not only rejection but three-letter name-calling and eventual blocking from the site. Other contributors, coming to his defense, say they have felt similar resistance, even abuse, from fellow-users on this and other similar sites.

The almost-universal openness of these programs can leave any web-site post open to contradiction and disagreement from almost any direction. In the above case, the editor in question so strongly disagreed with the validity of a piece of supporting evidence that, in defending his viewpoint, he was blocked from the site.

As reported by Tech.Mic.(Mic Network Inc.), the intensity of the incident brought out a host of other Wikimedia members who say they have also felt somewhat bullied by fellow contributors when they try to make a Wikipedia page, even though the site is much smaller than the huge social media networks where some users still feel the bulk of online harassment. Observers have suggested that, without in-person interaction, users of any of these sites may find it difficult to discover what common ground they share.

Another factor in bullying is a dwindling staff of volunteer editors that serve and support Wikipedia’s 80,000-strong cadre of contributors, according to a NY Times op-ed piece by a Wikipedia member. This editor suggests clashes such as this one between Wikipedia editors may be partially to blame. Wikipedia reminds users that in case of conflict they can alert the site’s Support and Safety team at “[email protected]

Contributors work on a variety of different projects within the foundation, each of which has its own system of oversight. Furthermore, she said she welcomes conversations about how Wikimedia can better serve its volunteers who wish to make Wikipedia page. “We encourage impassioned debate about what the Wikipedia community should look like in the future, I don’t think this is what this story is.”

“Through its very existence, Wikipedia is a positive medium that gives the user a means to create a Web page for himself or herself…” this member-editor reminds us. “…without the headaches inherent in the details a full Web page requires. Through Get Your Wiki ( a user can bypass those problems while giving himself or his business the benefits and opportunities that one can only get from an effective online presence created by professional Wikipedia publishers.”