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Dr. Sergio Cortes Update: Brazil Fierce Fight Against Zika Virus Continues!

As nations continue the global fight against the life-threatening zika virus, medical professionals and disease prevention experts stress the need for information sharing. A leading Brazilian physician and crusader educating society about zika virus, Dr. Sergio Cortes shared some invaluable facts to help citizens prevent infection. In a recent web journal released via the official Sergio Cortes website, he revealed that the virus has been around for about 40 years. Unfortunately, this wasn’t public knowledge until the recent outbreak across Latin America. African regions such as Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Uganda were among the countries to witness the first wave. Dr. Sergio Cortes also recounted on an endemic that affected certain Asian countries, Thailand and India included.
Last year, Latin American provinces Columbia, Mexico, Brazil and 6 others reported zika virus cases that triggered a global panic. Public health agencies, including WHO (World Health Organization), launched disease prevention relief efforts to educate society. Dr. Sergio Cortes shared reassuring comments that the symptoms of zika virus are indeed treatable with the correct interventions. What doctors recently learned after conducting extensive studies on zika virus symptoms is that it mutates similar to Guillain-Barré syndrome. Dr. Sergio Cortes further added that it’s responsible for the rapid development of microcephaly in infected patients. Guillain-Barré syndrome is a health condition the WTO (World Tourism Organization) and practicing physicians best describe as an autoimmune neurological disease.

In Brazil, health professionals, Dr. Sergio Cortes are strengthening zika virus prevention initiatives to control the outbreak. Human transmission isn’t viable, so it’s noncontagious. The parasitic Aedes aegypti mosquito is the carrier of the virus and an infected vector will transmit if it bites a victim. This species of mosquito has caused a series of viral outbreaks ranging from dengue to chikungunya, which manifest similar symptoms to rapidly spreading zika virus. While the symptoms of all three are somewhat similar, Dr. Sergio Cortes shares the distinctions in a Dino article here. Another troubling reality is that the infected won’t always exhibit signs of contagion early. Of all patients, pregnant women are at the greatest risk should she become infected. Dr. Sergio Cortes has shared some eye-opening facts on sergiocortesoficial about zika virus symptoms, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Now a leading Brazilian, Dr. Sergio Corte uses his website as a platform to share up-to-minute health news. Before joining the medical community, he served the Rio de Janeiro secretariat. He’s also a former US Tennis Open champion who represented Chile in 1993. Today, the public remembers him for having a spitting resemblance to pop-music sensation Michael Jackson. According to his official Wikipedia page, he’d shattered the 31 Magnus Larsson world record during the Florida-staged Lipton Championships. In history, this marked the most successful time in his athletic career. Most recently, he joined an ongoing study focused on cancer and exercise. A journal entry on his official blog discusses this intervention in-depth among other fascinating medical studies. Connect with Dr. Sergio Cortes on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest world health news.