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Boraie Development Discusses The Aspire Apartment District and Their Work With NBA Great Shaquille O’Neal

Boraie Development has always desired to be on the cutting edge when it comes to properly development. It doesn’t matter where in New Jersey their next project will be, they simply want to be the best. So when Boraie Development had the chance to partner with NBA great Shaquille O’Neal in 2013 to provide extra housing options for his hometown of Newark, New Jersey, how could they turn him down?


There is no question that Boraie development is proud of the Aspire Apartment Complex. They know that one of the ways to impact their community for the better is to provide affordable and fully-functional housing to urban residents. That is why every unit in the Aspire complex will have such amenities as a 24-7 doorman lobby, a shared fitness center and yoga space, a rooftop sundeck with room for a barbecue space, and attached parking facility, and 238 residential units to choose from. It was definitely something that Shaq could be proud of as well. You can visit



According to Patch, growing up in Newark, Shaquille O’Neal knew that there were either one of two places his mother would send him to in order to keep him out of trouble: you know what either be the nearby movie theater or the Newark Boys and Girls Club where he sharpened his basketball skills. Because of his early history, he has a strong desire to get back to his community. In a nutshell, this is why his willingness to invest in property development was born.


Besides the 2013 project, there is a new development that Shaq and his associates are excited about, and it is slated for construction from 2017 to 2018. This new property will feature 169 units and will rise up near the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. This new complex will feature a pool, doorman, gym, and various other amenities. The new apartment units will be hosted at the site of the former Ballentine Brewing Company.


Boraie Development is proud to team up with Shaquille O’Neal for this and other great projects well into the future. Here’s to a Business Partnership that will be every bit as much the legacy as his playing career was!



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José Auriemo Neto Career at JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is a prominent business leader in Brazil. During his career, he has worked for various companies in different industries. He is currently an executive at JHSF. JHSF produces multiple products and services for clients. The company is expanding, and José Auriemo Neto is excited about the future.


José Auriemo Neto has lived in Brazil his entire life. When he was young, the economy of Brazil was much different than it is today. Brazil has one of the largest economies in the world. When José Auriemo Neto was a child, the economy was based around a few agricultural products. To know more about him click here.

Companies from all over the world are moving to Brazil. As a result, real estate prices are increasing in major cities. José Auriemo Neto invests in real estate as a way to earn additional income. Although he does not need extra money, he wants to build wealth to impact the world.

Giving to Others

José Auriemo Neto uses his wealth to impact the community positively. He spends both time and money developing programs for children who grew up in poverty. José Auriemo Neto firmly believes that it is his responsibility to make the world a better place. His commitment to helping others is why so many people in Brazil enjoy working with him.

Future Goals

Although he is wildly successful, José Auriemo Neto still has various goals for the future. He wants to expand JHSF in the coming years. He also wants to donate more time and money to various charities.

José Auriemo Neto Is A Successful Real Estate Investor

Have you ever thought of investing in real estate property? Investing in the right opportunity for your secure financial future is an important decision.José Auriemo Neto is a well known real estate investor and successful entrepreneur. José Auriemo Neto has a great reputation and comes highly recommended to those who want to learn how to build wealth through real estate investing.Real estate is a fabulous industry that attracts people from all walks of life. It offers huge profit potential and the strategies and techniques can be learned by anyone who is serious about achieving financial independence.

As a successful real estate professional, José Auriemo Neto often has training and coaching programs for those who want to venture into the industry. He has a good understanding of what it takes to produce significant returns on investment, particularly in Brazil’s real estate market. He knows what works and what beginners should do to ensure their success.José Auriemo Neto has worked on numerous big projects and has complete mastery of the real estate development field. He is chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, and he helped turn the company into a highly profitable enterprise.

JHSF is one of the leading real estate development firms in Brazil, focusing on upscale commercial and residential markets. The company also handles projects involving the development and management of high-end hotels and shopping centers.If you want to acquire the knowledge you need to create vast fortunes for yourself and enjoy a great lifestyle, get in touch with José Auriemo Neto to find more about his training or coaching.Many factors go into the decision to invest in property. Learn from a seasoned professional and you can increase your chances of reaching your goal of financial success.

Nick Vertucci’s Training Academy

Nick Vertucci is an inspiring real estate extraordinaire who is changing the game with his training academy and program that can help anybody get on the fast track to making a business in this industry. Being in real estate can be very profitable, but it can be a tough market to crack unless you have the knowledge and experience to grow and succeed. According to, Nick Vertucci is an incredible expert who is worth learning from, and it is through his personal experiences where you can see his growth showcase what he is capable of.

At just 18 years old living on his own in a van, Nick Vertucci struggled to find his way through life. At an all-time low, he didn’t know where he was headed with his life. He eventually started his own business selling computer parts. And suddenly his life went downhill after that business failed and he did not prepare properly for the future. After almost two years of not having his life together and having kids and a wife, he was invited by his friend to join a real estate seminar and get started in this field, and eventually he got to that seminar and his life changed.

The Nick Vertucci academy is something he created because he told himself that if he ever built a name for himself that he would want to share this knowledge with the world. With a strong focus on real estate flipping, the academy goes in depth on how to invest in the right homes, where to find the right real estate, and everything in between to ensure you resell these homes with big cash in your pocket at Everything that he has ever done is shared throughout the program so you get every ounce of his knowledge to help you grow.

You will receive training on the day to day challenges that you may possibly face in this business on Nick Vertucci and his team of trainers are here to answer all the questions you may have to help ensure you move forward and understand every part of this so you can actually make a carer out of this. He has earned himself millions upon millions of dollars, and this training at is going to help you duplicate his same success and guide you to achieving so much in this industry even if you have no experience, no resume, and no previous sales knowledge with real estate.

Real Estate Visionary

When you think of high end real estate you think of one man, Greg Hague. Greg Hague has been selling real estate since the age of 18. This led him to being an attorney, a law professor, an author, a multiple time entrepreneur, and a business partner with Harvey Mackay. Greg had a vision that set him apart from all other realtors, he was not content with the status quo, and has been on a mission ever since to change that.

Recently Greg Hague was featured in a Forbes article titled, “How Entrepreneur Greg Hague Hopes To Change The Way America Sells Homes.” In this article Greg describes his method of selling real estate and his disdain for the traditional way of selling. As he says, the traditional home selling process is “hope marketing.” “Agents put a sign in the yard, place the home in MLS, run a few ads, hold open houses and hope that a buyer comes along.”

“The basic process for selling homes hasn’t changed in 75 years,” he observes. “It’s ridiculous that Amazon/Apple level sale strategies aren’t used to sell real estate.” “Apple’s process for launching a $500 iPhone is more sophisticated than the real estate industry’s process for putting a $500,000 home on the market.” Greg has a definite philosophy for selling homes and greatly admires Apples way of doing things.

The rest of the article goes in to detail of Greg Hague’s newest venture Real Estate Mavericks, which is a real estate coaching company. Greg will teach other realtors how to use his philosophy to sell houses. He describes his method as a 22-Step Home Launch Formula and 29-Day Fast Sale Plan. These programs start by building excitement and demand, then list to a select number of buyers before the home goes on the market. They are designed to generate a rush of buyers immediately after a home is listed to create a “buy now, don’t lose it” mindset that can motivate buyers to act quickly and at a higher price.

If you go to you will be able to see Greg’s strategy for selling homes. You can take a course that teaches you the 29 day fast sale formula that was explained in the above Forbes magazine article.

This course is so exclusive they only take 100 realtors a month nationwide and they teach you a new, better way of selling homes. The website also lists live events where you can go see Greg in person and coaching YouTube videos. Greg Hague really is a real estate visionary who is on a mission to change the real estate market forever.

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