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Darius Fisher Fixes His Own Company’s Reputation

Status Labs has gained an enormous amount of positive attention over the past four years. President and co-founder Darius Fisher is proud of all the positive times he and his staff have experienced at the company. In an article Fisher wrote for the Huffington Post, Fisher revealed the company had to deal with its own crisis situation once. The experience was not exactly pleasant.

No one can control what an employee does on his or her free time. This is not only true for entry level employees, but also executives. When an executive for Status Labs did something that brought dire media attention on the company, a lot of trouble ensued. Status Labs’ own reputation was, as the saying goes, mud. News reports in the local media dragged the company’s name into the controversy.

The executive was removed. This, alone, was not enough to mitigate the situation. Employees were very nervous about the way events occurred and some quit. Fisher quickly responded by improving conditions for employees. Not that things were every unpleasant, but Fisher went the extra mile to make working at the company quite fun and enjoyable. He also boosted internal communications to ease personnel concerns.

The company is also very careful about who it hires. Being additionally cautious about who works with and for the company. Doing so absolutely helps reduce the chances of employee/executive problems becoming the company’s.

The company is succeeding immensely these days thanks to the hard work of Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher knows a lot about digital marketing, public relations, and advertising. Fisher worked as a copywriter and a political consultant, two fields that gave him great insight into effective reputation management.

Fisher has been honored by third-party entities for his work. He was added to PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top new digital marketers. He was also asked to speak at Impact15 in Las Vegas, a prestigious event for the digital marketing industry. Fisher would not receive these honors if he was not exceptionally talented and successful. Nor would he be the subject of various interviews with respected publications, news services, and websites.

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