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Enjoy Great Concerts, Parties, Events And More With Your Magnises Membership

Anyone who is a fan of Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Adele, Waka Flocka Flame, Kanye West and more should become a Magnises member because some of the benefits are getting to attend the different concerts that these artists have. Everyone knows that Adele is on a world tour as well as Justin Bieber, so how would you like to attend the hottest concerts while being a Magnises member? Some may wonder what benefits come with being a Magnises member, and there are just too many to add into one article, but here it goes.

First of all, those who are adamant that they want to attend certain concerts, especially if it’s with a bunch of friends, they can always check with Magnises to see if there are ticket prices in bulk, which can allow the buyer to save money and guarantee their entrance into the concert along with many friends. Other great benefits from Magnises are traveling benefits, which means that thousands of hotels around the world can give the user a free upgrade, not just hotels that are located in New York City and the other cities that Magnises operates in.

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Magnises has a black card that allows users the ability to add any banking information to the card and comes personalized for the user as well. As long as the Magnises member has the black card with them, they can always take it anywhere to use it like cash, and the card is also their ticket to enter into many private events. Magnises members are able to attend the bi-weekly events that they have on Thursdays for members only, and these cocktail parties are great for professionals or party goers who want to get to know other Magnises members. Also, Magnises members get some other great benefits.

At AM Southhampton, Magnises has tables reserved that are only for Magnises members, which means that those who chose to go to this event were easily the envy of those who couldn’t get in but desperately wanted to. Any events that are for Magnises members only will allow members inside without having the members stand in line or being hassled when they tried to get through the door. Those with a Magnises membership can also get the concierge application to inform them of Magnises only events and much more.

The personalized concierge can also inform the Magnises member of great places to eat, shop, and places to have coffee. Don’t forget that Magnises also has several new passes that are available as lifestyle perks, and these passes can be added to the Magnises membership, but each pass is paid for separately. The passes are meant to give users additional discounts and benefits on top of what they would already get with their typical Magnises membership, so having the passes makes being a Magnises member that much more beneficial. Obtain a Magnises membership now for only $250 for the entire year, and start having a lot more fun from now on.

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