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Securus lowers recidivism, prevents crime

Securus Technologies, the nation’s foremost inmate communications company, has long been the leader in providing low phone rates to the nation’s prisons. The importance of this work is largely underestimated by many but is important, having a proven ability to reduce recidivism rates.


For most of the history of the US prison system, inmates were either unable to access telephones or were forced to pay exorbitant rates in order to call their loved ones. Throughout this history, many inmates had only two options to stay in contact with their families. The first, was through in-person visitation at the prison itself. This was fraught with problems. Many inmates were housed at prisons that were located hundreds of miles away from their home towns, where they were convicted of their crimes. This meant that families often had to travel many hours one way just to see their loved ones. Such trips and entailed huge costs including motel expenses, food and the prospect of being forced to go through the traumatic routines necessary for the prison to run an orderly visitation system.


This all begin to change when, in the mid-2000s, Securus begin rolling out its VoIP-based telephone system. This system allowed for previously unprecedented reductions in average rates inmates were forced to pay. Low rates allowed inmates, for the first time, to say in nearly constant contact with their loved ones. This allowed inmates to remain highly socialized to normal, law-abiding citizens and to maintain standard pro-social norms of behavior. Those inmates who are unable or unwilling to maintain relationships with those on the outside of prison often turn to their fellow inmates for social interaction and psychological support. This often leads to what criminologists refer to as institutionalization, where the inmate is unable to effectively resocialize himself to the norms of society.


Securus Technologies Aiming to Build Better and Safer Communities

Securus Technologies is considered as one of the leaders in the inmate communication sector. The modern and advanced inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies have made the company one of the pioneers in the industry. The company doesn’t only provide inmate communication services but also offers investigative solutions and services for the law enforcement agencies. It has helped in maintaining law and order inside the correctional facilities and also put an end to the movement of contraband in and out of prisons.


Securus Technologies believe that technology has a significant role to play in the correctional world going forward. It is why the company has invested over $600 million in its research and development initiatives. Securus Technologies aims to develop new products and services for not only inmate communications but also for investigative purposes that would help the law enforcement agencies.


More than one million inmates depend upon the prison communication services offered by Securus Technologies. One of the latest inmate communication services launched by Securus Technologies is video visitation that would allow the inmate and the family member or the friends to talk to each other while also see each other through the video interface. It would lessen the burden on the family members who had to travel all the way to the prison earlier to meet and see their loved one in jail.


Securus Technologies maintains transparency with its target audience in this age of social media and recently released a media release on the internet, where it showcased the appreciative comments it received from the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers believe that the investigative services offered by Securus Technologies help them serve better and more efficiently. The products and services of Securus Technologies are aimed at building better and more safer communities.



Securus Technologies Keeping Crime Down in the City

When my fugitive task force is summoned to catch a dangerous criminal, we understand the severity of the situation and drop everything to start working the case. The very first thing we try to do is to locate family or friends who may be in a position to offer leads that could help bring the case to a close very quickly. Then we try to locate any informants who want to remain anonymous for safety reasons but could offer up some tips to help us find this fugitive.


For this case, we were going to have to really utilize a resource we hadn’t used in a while because no one was coming forward. If there is one thing I know about criminals, they simply can not keep quiet and love to brag to anyone who will listen. This time we headed over to the local prison where they were already making use of the Securus Technologies inmate call-monitoring system. If the inmates said anything on the phone, the LBS system could identify unique conversations and quickly alert the officers who would then take action.


Once we input the suspects name into the monitoring system, it wasn’t long before one of the inmates gave us the lead we were hoping for. He was talking to a sibling about his plans after his release next month, and one of the things he was going to go was head to the farm of a friend and meet up with our suspect to get his money. While he was counting his money and talking to his family about what they would do with it, we had a team already on the way to locate the suspect. Before the suspect had a chance to hurt anyone else, thanks to Securus Technologies we had him back behind in custody.


Securus Technologies – The Company with Extensive Prison Technology Products and Services Portfolio

Securus Technologies is one of the leading inmate communications and prison technology firms in the United States. The company serves over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States and several hundred facilities in Canada. At present, the services of the company reach out to over 1.2 million prisoners. Few of the services offered by Securus includes video visitation service, voice messaging service, video services, phone services, money transfer services, kiosks, and much more.


The company also offers a broad range of products for the law enforcement agencies to help them perform better and in a secure manner. Some of the products of Securus Technologies, such as LBS Services and Investigation PRO are highly popular among the law enforcement officials. It helps them get the information they need to act quickly and stop any crime to occur. It helps the law enforcement and crime prevention agencies to keep communities safe, and also reduce the crime rate across the country.


The company understands the plight of the inmates who have to stay away from their friends and family for a long time. It is for this reason the company offers prison communication services at reasonable rates and develops its technology to help increase the communication opportunities available to the prisoners. The company receives many letters of appreciation from its customers, especially from the law enforcement officials. The company released part of these notes in a press release recently to showcase the love and support it is receiving from the law enforcement officials. The company also used the press release as an opportunity to invite it exists as well as potential customers to its technology center in Dallas, Texas.


For years, I have worked at law enforcement agencies across the country and used different products and services offered by many other companies. However, the Securus Technologies provide exactly the kind of services we need to do out duty diligently and safely.

Securus Technologies Won a Stevie Award

I didn’t expect a criminal justice technology company to win a Stevie Award for Customer Service, but that’s what happened this year. It turns out, Securus Technologies took the issue seriously and turned around their customer service team with great training. That won them a Gold Stevie for Best Customer Service Training Department.


The Stevie Awards have been held for eleven years now and cover seven programs: Asia-Pacific, German, American business, international business, great employers, women in business, and sales & customer service. The awards had over ten thousand entries from 60 different countries this year. The mission of Stevie Awards is to honor exceptional performance in workplaces anywhere in the world.


When Securus’s vice president of operations accepted the award, he said that the strategy the company’s customer service training department chose was to focus on empathy and getting problems solved on the first try. Those two key themes were what made their customer service improve dramatically in recent years.


Securus Technologies is located in Dallas and has been serving over three thousand public safety and correctional institutions that supervise over a million inmates every year. They’ve been committed to providing the criminal justice technologies needed to keep us all safe where we live.



Securus defeats GTL in video visitation face off

GTL technologies has hounded its rival Securus for the last two years. GTL has relentlessly hurled accusations and claims of inferiority at its larger, more successful competitor, finally prompting the industry-leading Securus to answer with a challenge of its own.


Securus offered to pit the two companies’ video visitation technologies against each other in a level-playing-field comparison test. The contest was to be judged by a trusted third party that both sides would have agreed on prior to commencement. GTL refused to play. Thus, Securus, having won by default, can rightly maintain its bragging rights not just as the biggest and most successful player in the inmate communications industry but as the one with the best video visitation product.


Video visitation has many benefits, rock-bottom costs


It’s quite unfair for anyone who hasn’t contributed mightily to the state of the U.S. prison system to paint Securus’ video visitation technology in anything but a positive light. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the system has changed the lives of inmates and their families.


One of the most unfortunate aspects of the pre-video-visitation era was the fact that any family who wished to visit their loved ones face-to-face was required to show up to the prison in-person. It’s true enough that most prisons deserve to be where they are, but no family member does. Unfortunately, family members, none of whom were criminals, were often treated in the same way as the convicted felons they were coming to visit. Some were forcibly searched, including by strip searches.


These first interactions with the harsh realities of the prison environment often meant that a family member’s first trip to the prison was also their last. Inmates would, thus, often spend the duration of their sentences without ever seeing their friends or family members.