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The Unlikely Success Story Of EOS Lip Balm

In the past, lip balm was not a very titillating purchase. For years, it was a waxy-tasting product that prevented chapped lips, nothing more. Chapstick, Blistex and Burt’s Bees dominated the market, however, all three brands were basically the same. It wan’t until orbs of EOS, with exciting new flavors, started appearing on store shelves that consumers began anticipating a visit to the lip balm aisle of drug and department stores.

Fast Company scored an interview with two of the three co-founders of EOS who explained why they took on the major lip brands. Discussing how they found lip balms unchanged over the years, the three founders said that wanted to give consumers something new.

Making EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, appeal to women with its unique orb shape and delicious flavors, was marketing genius. Organic ingredients and an affordable price helped get the lip balm into Walgreens stores, Target and WalMart decided to start stocking the lip balm as well.

Incorporating the latest marketing trend, Evolutionofsmooth reached out to influencers, such as beauty bloggers, to help them reach their target audience of younger style-conscious women. The company became experts at getting celebrity endorsements and product placements, in addition to building a social media following on Facebook. Today, EOS sells one million orbs each week, however, the number of companies copying their product is really what proves that EOS is a major success. For more info, visit