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Oren Frank and his therapy app Talkspace

When he founded Talkspace in 2012 with his wife, Oren Frank was hoping to revolutionize the mental health care world. He did just that, and by 2017 Talkspace had over 1000 mental health professional providing therapy to over 500,000 users.

The online therapy platform of Talkspace doesn’t just make therapy more easily accessible, it also streamlines the therapy process, with users reporting improvements in their mental health happening much faster than with traditional therapy. Users of Talkspace form an asynchronous relationship with their assigned therapist, meaning they can access mental health help at any time and can be contacted by their therapist at any time.

Using methods including email, text messages, and video chatting, Talkspace therapists are able to provide individualized mental health care to clients who otherwise would not be able to receive it. Whether users are too busy to find time for traditional therapy, live in an area where traditional therapy isn’t readily available, can’t afford traditional therapy, or have mental health issues that make it difficult to seek out therapy, Talkspace is available to help them. And unlike traditional therapy, which can cost hundreds of dollars per session, Talkspace has daily test message programs for $32 a week and a program with multiple texts a day from a therapist and a monthly video chat session for $49 a week

Magellan Health and Talkspace came together recently, and the service will soon be available for people who are insured through Magellan Health.