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Goodbye Only Means Hello!

For lovers of all things fashion, we are faced with the occurrence of our favorite fashion trends exiting the spotlight and becoming a thing of the past. If we are lucky, a few of the past favorites make an epic come back like mom jeans, overalls, and the latest choker trend. A whisper of a fading fashion trend has been present in the fashion industry of late, and let me just say that we can all only hope it to be a rumor. According to the whispers, the classic square toe ankle boot style will soon be a trend in the past. It is rare that the fashion industry will take such an epic trend from us, and not replace it with something that makes us so excited we almost forget about our fashion trend loss. Staying true to form, pointed-toe ankle boots are making a debut on the most famous celebrities and models this season. From Kendall Jenner to Balla Hadid, the new pointed- toe ankle boots are shaping up to be a fabulous stand-in for our favorite old faithful square-toe ankle boot. WhoWhatWear recently posted an article about the new emerging trend, and the article contains styles and brands even the most serious square-toe ankle boot lover will fall in love with!

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