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Don’t Let Negative Articles Strangle Your Business

Whether they are false claims or not makes no difference, suffering from negative feedback or some negative articles written about your company can be devastating. People today rely heavily on customer feedback and reviews and have no time nor the desire to validate their accuracy. As a result, being the recipient of bad articles can put a company at great risk.

Being the victim of negative articles being written about your business rarely offers much recourse unless the offense is egregious enough to warrant legal action. But rarely is the mere writing of negative articles elevated to that degree of slander. And if they were, lawsuits cost a great deal of time and money which could be just as devastating to a small web business.

Whether or not the negative attacks on your business warrants legal action does not change the fact that the damage from these bad articles needs to be reversed in order for customer inflow to be restored. The first step of course is to put an end to the negative article campaign against your business. If you are being slandered unjustly then this may take little more than a cease and desist order issued by an attorney. If on the other hand, the negative feedback is of your own doing, it’s time to clean things up in your own house. Once this step is accomplished, the arduous task of burying bad articles on the internet can begin.

Restoring your businesses reputation does not take a magic trick but it does require a great deal of time and dedication coupled with a skillset that aids in seeking out the negative sources so that they can be countered. This can be accomplished in-house if you have an individual dedicated to SEO and internet marketing however, they are going to get real busy working outside their primary duty.

Unless you are staffed to take on such an endeavor, bringing in a reputation management team such as Bury Bad Articles might yield greater and timelier results. They are relative newcomers to the game but have already proven their strength and proficiency in burying negative articles for their clients. And to back themselves up, their services are 100% guaranteed.

Whichever route you choose, it is imperative that your businesses good reputation be restored. Failing to do so will continue to impact sales and could eventually lead to its demise.

The Future of Internet Identity

There is no question that individuals now have two identities. One of those occurs online and is need of just as much protection as the one we live out day to day. This means more than credit card numbers, billing accounts, and taxes. Things take place online that directly effect our reputation. These things are often out of our own control. In a case in which your online identity has been compromised, one might feel helpless to change or fix anything.

There are a few things that can be done to help negate some of the negative content about a person online. Getting a good idea of what’s online in the first step. This is most effectively done when logged out of your browser. Google personalized search results. This is handy in most cases, but not for seeing what everybody else is seeing objectively on Google.

You can always delete your personal account and delete unflattering things on accounts you have the ability to log into. Another strategy is to saturate the web with both new and positive content. Attempt to get traffic to this new content if you can. There are also Data Brokers that create accounts or profiles based on information already on the web. Opt out of these via their forms. These options are normally available right there on the site.

Status Labs is an innovative public relations firm that specializes in managing online reputations for you. They also provide useful services such as search engine optimization,social media marketing, and content marketing. The Swiss army knife of an individual or company’s online presence is making waves in the internet and technology community.

Darius Fisher is the founder and president of this revolutionary and successful company. He is a successful investor and entrepreneur that has excelled in many fields. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Economics, Fisher went on to make in difference in the world using his education and experience in economics and consulting.

Fisher works as a volunteer to provide his consultation services to Defy Ventures which is an online education program aimed at empowering those with criminal histories with the skills they need. Despite being more popularly known for being the founder and president of Status Labs, fisher is still dedicated to creating a better environment for those seeking a second chance both online and in real life.