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A Look At The Quincy In New Brunswick, New Jersey

What Is The Quincy?


The Quincy is a luxury apartment complex that has just been recently constructed. Pre-leasing is currently on going at the apartment complex, with leasing available to the public to begin shortly after. This new development is located in the heart of downtown New Brunswick. The address of the Quincy is at 120 Neilson Street, which is on the west side of the Raritan River.


There are two bus routes that stop right by the Quincy. They are the M1 and M5 Routes of NJ Transit. The local bus stop is located at Neilson Street and Richmond Street. Residents have literally a bus stop in their backyard with service from NJ Transit. The buses are an excellent and easy way to get around the city and connect with the NJ Transit New Brunswick Station. This station is an easy way to commute to New York City or Newark, New Jersey via train. It also has Amtrak service to connect to cities in other states like Philadelphia, Washington D.C. Boston and beyond.


There are lots of recreational amenities at the Quincy. They include a rooftop pool and lounge area, cabanas to relax in, outdoor grills, fitness center and yoga studio. There is a dog park to take your dog outside and it includes an obstacle course for your pooch. An outdoor garden with ping pong tables is another recreational amenity available to the residents of the Quincy in New Brunswick. Residents can also hang out in a club room which has a PC and IMAC and have access to a bike sharing program.



Incidents In New Brunswick That Took Place Near The Quincy


On October 5th 2015, there was a shooting not farm from the Quincy. It took place at the New Brunswick Apartments, which is another apartment complex just south of the Quincy apartments on Commercial Avenue. One person was injured in the shooting and the suspect who was described as an adult male with a hoodie fled the scene and ran towards Neilsen Street.


On November 30th, a pizza robbery occurred at Quincy Circle in Dayton, New Jersey. Dayton is a small unincorporated community that is located south of New Brunswick. Police managed to find the suspect using forensic cell phone data and arrested Parysh Wood as well as accomplice to the robbery, Justina Hampton. Wood, who was found to be behind the Quincy Circle, Dayton pizza delivery robbery was already in jail for several other pizza delivery robberies.