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Shared Office Space Now Made Affordable and Accessible

With the increasing cost of personal office space on the rise throughout much of the Western world, it is no wonder that many people have been seeking after a cheaper alternative to increase their productivity. Many people today work independently, but they do not necessarily want to be alone. Humans crave and need interaction. We want to bounce ideas off one another. Watching others around us be successful motivates us to work harder as well. Enter the concept of co-working.

While co-working is just beginning to catch on throughout much of America and Europe, its roots can be traced back centuries. Consider, for example, the Renaissance era workshops of 15th century Italy. It was here that master artists devoted much of their time teaching new artists in a community like atmosphere. They displayed new techniques to other interested artists, and they exchanged ideas designed to help and support one another in their art related endeavors. They valued creativity and innovation back then, just like companies such as Google and Apple do today.

Self-made entrepreneurs do not always have the luxury of being able to engage other like-minded individuals in conversation designed to spark those creative juices. Co working makes this possible. Not only does it reduce expenses associated with a traditional office by cutting out many of the unnecessary costs, but it also provides many of the logistics that freelancers and consultants need today. This phenomenon is sweeping all across America, from San Francisco to New York and all points in between.

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Workville in New York City demonstrates why this concept works so well. Most people know that office space in New York City is extremely expensive and out of the range of people individual business people. At the same time, the Metropolitan area is home to thousands of small business minded individuals working hard to reshape that creative landscape of the region and beyond. Workville has been able to accommodate them in a state of the art facility right on one of the most sought after streets in the city, on Broadway.

For a nominal monthly fee, freelancers and consultants alike can have a professional presence in New York City. There is ample space to spread out and work, and the collaboration that takes place on a daily basis is priceless. In addition, there are state of the art conference rooms where client meetings can take place, enhancing the reputation of small businesses throughout the city.