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Neurocore : The infusion of technology in sports

The NBA produces some of the world’s highest-rated competitors. Some attribute this to their talents or the type of leaders they are coached by and although all this play a tremendous role in their success, teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers are taking up a notch. The “Brain Room” an enclosed space at the Trail Blazers venue that allows the players to not only study game footage but better increase their health, focus, and recovery. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

So, how do they do it? The Trail Blazers have recently partnered up with Neurocore, a tech company that provides beats size head apparatus that aid players by using low-frequency waves to accelerate recovery by improving player sleep. Neurocore founder Tim Royer comments that this is the next step in sports technology. He further states that the technology of Neurocore allows players to remain mentally healthy as well as they are constantly under pressure from travels, games and the press. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The way the team is using the technology is by having players watch a DVD of their plays, during this time the machine is sensing the player’s concentration and as soon as they lose focus the DVD stops playing in order to make them self-aware of their lack of focus. Critics of this Neurocore say that if sleep is the problem, then maybe the players should just get more sleep, this, however, is thinking too small. Players are not only known for their athletic abilities but focus as well, meaning both qualities need to be well rested AND focused.

The goal is clear, improving the amount of time a player can stay focused and aware will be what determines a win on the court. The other team might have the number one draft pick, but if their minds are wandering than all the talent in the world will not get them to the top.