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James River and Leadership

James River Capital Corp. used to serve as an alternative investment department of the company “Kidder.” In the year 1995 James River became an independent investment firm, which is located in Richmond, Virginia. In 1995, two senior officers, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt, acquired James River. July 1, 2018 James River has reported to have $570 million under management. This company provides investment advisory services in the United States of America.


Being a leader can take both a lot of time and effort. It also take time to develop skills in order to lead a team well. There are small improvements a person can make in order to become a better leader. Many companies have done extensive research to figure out what is the most effective leadership is and what they have found. Learn more:


Supporting a team is a lot more helpful than leading a team. The word support shifts the mentality because it can make a leader view their position on the team and they will start to interact with their team differently. Just that simple change can do so much for a person to become a better leader. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


To become a better leader, they should allow for their employees to be critical. Research that was done shows that about 85% of employees withhold issues from their leader because they are scared they will get in trouble. If there is not transparent communication, there will be very little progress, innovation, and collaboration. Google discovered this term called “psychological safety” which refers to people being comfortable with coming forward with their problems or improvements. It is important for leaders to focus on this to make sure their employees are heard, so engagement with their employees can happen. There are also ways that leaders can create this “psychological safety.” One way to help with this is by encouraging employees to come forward with their issues and also showing your appreciation when it happens. The second way to help is by allowing everyone to speak during team meetings.


One more way to become a better leader is to not allow their employees to hold back. This is a big obstacle that needs to be removed. One example of how to break down this obstacle is by allowing everyone to speak at meetings. A practical way to input this is by making a list of everyone’s name that will be attending that meeting. Then place a checkmark next to that person’s name when they speak. Soon the leader will notice who isn’t speaking and they should engage the quieter employees. Still try to make them feel comfortable and don’t push them too hard. Make sure they feel valued and that their opinions are wanted.