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Marathon Pharmaceuticals Dedication to Come Up with Medication for Patients with Rare Diseases and Disorders

Marathon Pharmaceuticals has spread out offices including Chicago, New Jersey, Illinois as well as Northbrook. The pharmaceutical company focuses on delivering treatment solutions to patients with rare conditions. It is always working to come up with small-volume and hard-to-manufacture medical drugs for their patients. Marathon’s focus is on patients with few treatment options.


Recently, Marathon opened a bioscience center which help in developing of new therapies for various diseases and disorders. The facility has qualified professionals in various fields including research, regulation as well as clinic medicine. This move has seen the operations of the company being put close to MATTER. MATTER is an advanced hub specializing in biotechnology as well as healthcare start-ups.


Production of medication for people with few treatment options


Marathon Pharmaceuticals is working to produce high-need medications and so far, they have produced a lot of medications such as Seconal Sodium and Amytal Sodium, which are used as nonselective central nervous system depressants. The depressants are used by patients with conditions such as insomnia or who are about to undergo a surgical operation and therefore, need pre-anesthetic.


PEPCID is another product of Marathon, which is used to lower the level of acid in patient’s stomachs as well as treat patients with ulcers. Opium tincture, yet another medication, is used to treat diarrhea by reducing gastrointestinal propulsion in patients.


Products geared towards children’s medication


Zingo is one of Marathon Pharmaceutical’s medication that is geared towards children as it is easily administered because it is sterile and doesn’t need a needle. Also known as lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate, is majorly used to help the patients not feel pain during venous access or blood draw. The production of Zingo ignited excitement among professionals owing to the fear of children towards venous access.


The production of the product was a break-through as it is a better product for anesthesia purposes and it is easily incorporated in many medical procedures.


Alleviating the pain of IV Cannulations


IV cannulations causes the most severe pain in pediatric patients. Additionally, children are always scared and anxious about venous access and sometimes, they need to be restrained for a simple procedure such as blood draw to be conducted. However, the solution for that is Zingo as it numbs the site where the application is to be done.


For distribution of Marathon’s medications such as Zingo, the company as partnered with distributers to help them distribute the drugs.


Heal N Soothe A Natural Remedy

The benefits of using the Heal N Soothe supplement are many. It is packed with Proteolytic Enzymes that work throughout the body removing treacherous issues that make everyday life hard. This list includes pain, swelling, inflammation, as well as many other healing and life improving benefits of this supplement. This supplement eliminates Fibrin from the body using natural enzymes. There are ten different enzymes that work together to help the body get rid of Fibrin which blocks oxygen from cells causing pain.

Fibrin is created naturally by the body when there is an injury or gluten is consumed. Fibrin is a protein that is insoluble, and it forms from fibrinogen when blood clots. It is a fibrous mesh that impedes blood flow. So, in this instance when the Fibrin is created there is no or little blood flow to the injured area, so no oxygen is delivered resulting in pain. Eating gluten leaves a trail throughout the body of Fibrin creating painful areas as well as making it difficult for blood to circulate.

Heal N Soothe is made up of Proteolytic enzymes and these enzymes clear Fibrin from the body. This is just the beginning for the reversal of some health issues. Proteolytic enzymes fight viruses by killing proteins bound with a virus. The normal enzymes that the body makes or obtains through food are in most cases not nearly enough. Studies have shown that the body drops in enzyme creation at the age of 27 years old. Age does hinder the making of needed enzymes.

After beginning to take Heal N Soothe the body will start to go through changes such as if a person has sinus issues they could experience some drainage while the supplement thins the mucus and rids the body of it. If someone would have digestive issues they may experience slight gas or loose stools as the undigested stool is broke down and gotten rid of. In the event a female may have Uterine Fibroids they could experience vaginal discharge as fibroids are destroyed and gotten rid of.

There are many benefits of taking the supplement Heal N Soothe as previously stated. This supplement can create a better day in a life plagued with pain, swelling, inflammation, or possibly slight blood pressure issues. Using natural plant enzymes to eliminate health issues is an up an coming trend that is a repeat of history when plants were the only medicines.

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JeanMarie Guenot’s Journey As A Medical Practitioner


JeanMarie Guenot is the President and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics ( She has her Ph. D. and has over 20 years under her belt in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She is featured within LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, with information dating as far back as 1987. JeanMarie has worked hard her whole life, creating her success and helping individuals to the best she can. She has worked within the public as well as private and has incredible knowledge in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurology and ophthalmic diseases. After achieving her Ph. D. she began working as a principal scientist at a company called Roche.

According to Dr. Guenot’s website ( Roche is a global inventor in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics and the world’s largest company of biotechnology. After working there for six years, she then went on to achieve her Masters in Business Management while beginning a new job at another biotechnology company called Atlas Venture. JeanMarie Guenot choose a career path of strenuous intellect, long hours and huge results. She founded a company called SKS Ocular, a private ophthalmology company to discover and advance therapeutics, in 2009. The purpose of this company is to transform treatments for ocular diseases, diseases that cause problems to the eyes mainly concerning vision, in order to preserve or improve patients vision.

Today, as mentioned earlier, JeanMarie Guenot works for a company called Amphivena Therapeutics. It is a company that has a focus on blood cancers. There is a goal of using a new creation of therapy that harnesses a patients immune system to target and destroy tumor cells as well as particular compounds in connection with these tumor cells in order to prevent new ones. An individual would highly benefit if they needed to utilize a service JeanMarie and her company can provide. They can restore balance within an individual suffering from blood cancers. This balance is what is necessary for the proper function of blood circulation and function, as well s blood formation.  Jeanmarie Guenot recently negotiated a partnership with Takeda, in which Amphivena will work with them to develop biotechnology.