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In Love With Lime Crime


Lime Crime is a gender neutral, cruelty-free, highly pigmented cosmetics brand that was launched in 2008. Referring to each of their customers as “Unicorns,” with every one of them being thought of as bright, majestic, different, and celebrated. This brand allows the most remarkable looks to come to life. Ever wished you could find a rare color in a lipstick or eye shadow? Well you’re in luck, chances are Lime Crime has something to fit your needs and definitely has products you haven’t been able to find before.


Lime Crime is well known on Facebook for their incredibly long wear liquid lipsticks in varying shades that are often outside of the norm. Anything from shiny metallic shades to matte colors ranging from your standard hues of pale pinks to florescent greens and blues. No matter your style, you can find products to cater to you. Are you into Cosplay? Are you seeking a trendsetting look? Are you hoping to express yourself through makeup without the confines of “what colors are appropriate for cosmetics?” Look no further; Lime Crime will do just that.

They have recently launched a new metallic eye shadow line that resembles colored foil when applied. Thus the fitting title of the “Superfoil” line. Lime Crime offers many unique and hard to find shades and is consistently bringing innovative and different products to the cosmetic industry.


The quality of the pigment in combination with reasonably priced products allows for every fashionista or cosmetics junkie to have their own creative expression without having an outrageous impact on their wallet. The only downside is you better order quickly! These products are so popular, that they are hard to keep on the shelves.  Visit your local UrbanOutfitters, or browse the selection online.