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Marathon Pharmaceuticals Dedication to Come Up with Medication for Patients with Rare Diseases and Disorders

Marathon Pharmaceuticals has spread out offices including Chicago, New Jersey, Illinois as well as Northbrook. The pharmaceutical company focuses on delivering treatment solutions to patients with rare conditions. It is always working to come up with small-volume and hard-to-manufacture medical drugs for their patients. Marathon’s focus is on patients with few treatment options.


Recently, Marathon opened a bioscience center which help in developing of new therapies for various diseases and disorders. The facility has qualified professionals in various fields including research, regulation as well as clinic medicine. This move has seen the operations of the company being put close to MATTER. MATTER is an advanced hub specializing in biotechnology as well as healthcare start-ups.


Production of medication for people with few treatment options


Marathon Pharmaceuticals is working to produce high-need medications and so far, they have produced a lot of medications such as Seconal Sodium and Amytal Sodium, which are used as nonselective central nervous system depressants. The depressants are used by patients with conditions such as insomnia or who are about to undergo a surgical operation and therefore, need pre-anesthetic.


PEPCID is another product of Marathon, which is used to lower the level of acid in patient’s stomachs as well as treat patients with ulcers. Opium tincture, yet another medication, is used to treat diarrhea by reducing gastrointestinal propulsion in patients.


Products geared towards children’s medication


Zingo is one of Marathon Pharmaceutical’s medication that is geared towards children as it is easily administered because it is sterile and doesn’t need a needle. Also known as lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate, is majorly used to help the patients not feel pain during venous access or blood draw. The production of Zingo ignited excitement among professionals owing to the fear of children towards venous access.


The production of the product was a break-through as it is a better product for anesthesia purposes and it is easily incorporated in many medical procedures.


Alleviating the pain of IV Cannulations


IV cannulations causes the most severe pain in pediatric patients. Additionally, children are always scared and anxious about venous access and sometimes, they need to be restrained for a simple procedure such as blood draw to be conducted. However, the solution for that is Zingo as it numbs the site where the application is to be done.


For distribution of Marathon’s medications such as Zingo, the company as partnered with distributers to help them distribute the drugs.