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The History of the Kabbalah Centre

Since 1922, Kabbalah has been providing insight into the divine secrets of the universe through its extensive educational programs. Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the first master kabbalist who modernized these ancient teachings, making these teachings accessible so that students could apply the teachings to their own lives.

When Rav Ashlag was no longer able to teach, he passed his leadership role down to Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, who then passed it on to Rav Berg, who founded The Kabbalah Centre (then known as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah) in 1965. Since 1984, the flagship Kabbalah Centre has been located in Los Angeles, California.

Now the Kabbalah Centre exists in over fifty locations across the world, spreading its teachings of divine wisdom internationally. The history of this center is perhaps almost as fascinating as the teachings itself.

Rav Phillip Berg was born into an orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York in 1929. He became a certified rabbi in 1951. Shortly thereafter, he married his first wife, Rivka Brandwein, whose uncle would become his Kabbalah mentor. He met Rav Brandwein in 1964 in Israel, and upon learning the teachings of Kabbalah, he became a devoted kabbalist with a strong desire to share these teachings with the world.

In the mid-1960’s, Rav Berg founded the National Institute for Research of Kabbalah in new York, and due to his incredible understanding of Kabbalah, Rav Brandwein passed his leadership onto Rav Berg.

Soon after, Rav Berg married his second wife, Karen, and the two taught their unversally-accessible form of Kabbalah through the 1970s. They published many books on the subject, and began teaching out of a converted Queens, New York home. The movement quickly gained many followers, first throughout the United States, and then internationally.

Eventually, Rav Berg and his wife settled in Los Angeles, making their new main Kabbalah Centre residence in the city. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, the couple established several other Kabbalah centres across the world due to the growth of movement. They traveled the world extensively, working closely with local communities to spread the wisdom they possessed to others.

In 2004, Rav Berg passed away, and today his wife is the director of the Kabbalah Centre. She and her son continue to teach Kabbalah to the world, and Karen continues to publish successful books on the subject. Due to the outreach Karen and her late husband have accomplished, the future of the Kabbalah Centre will thrive for generations to come.

Kabbalah Centre Helping Your Relationship Be Wonderful

If you are hoping to find a wonderful partner, than Kabbalah can help you. Kabbalah is ancient Jewish wisdom made relevant to people of today. One of the struggles that a lot of people have is their selfishness. We cannot find a wonderful mate if we are unwilling to be a wonderful mate. There are some powerful tools that you can apply to find the mate that you like.


  1. Identify How You See the World – Do you tend to focus on little things, or big things? Are you a dreamer, or a practical? Practical people are best to marry practical people. Dreamers are happiest when they marry dreamers. When a practical marries a dreamer, the practical constantly critiques the dreamer for their lazy ambitions. The dreamer does not help the practical’s desire for material success.


  1. Identify How You React to the World – Are you dogmatic, tough, and emotional? If so, then you should marry someone who is friendly, tolerant, and sociable. Or, vice versa. If you are friendly, tolerant and sociable, you should marry someone who is dogmatic, tough, and emotional. The reason for this is you will help your mate’s weaknesses and complement each other’s strengths. If you marry someone with the same reaction style, you will both be too secretive, or too mean.


The Kabbalah Centre wants you to have the life that most people do not. It requires that you are willing to be generous to others. You also have to use honest self-examination. Where do you tend to struggle? If you know your weakness, you can combat them.


The Kabbalah Centre is a nonsectarian organization devoted to helping all sorts of people. If you are struggling with finding a life partner, the Kabbalah Centre can help you diagnose the mental and emotional issues that may be troubling your relational history.


If you want to learn and grow with other curious people, than the Kabbalah Centre is a great place to visit. If you have questions or concerns, you can reach us at 1-800-KABBALAH. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Understanding the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah

The concept of Kabbalah has been hidden for millenniums and as a result, it has been clouded in confusion, misrepresentation, and myth. It has been considered a secret teaching which tries to hide something from the people learning it. Kabbalah is the teaching of the secret. This means that kabbalists teach students to open up in order to realize the secret.
Life is filled with mysteries like: What is life? What is existence? What is love? How do they exist? What is the soul, the inner person? These mysteries are experienced every time and the more you gaze upon their depths, the complex their understanding becomes. Kabbalah plunges into these secrets of life and unveils their depths into the open. It offers parable, metaphor and understanding to the mysteries of life. It encourages and guides us to use the Kabbalah principles and wisdom for healing and growth in our daily lives.

The essence of the Kabbalah wisdom is that there is an inner, comprehensive force or “the Creator” that controls everything in real life. All the world’s forces come from this force. Some of these forces are common to us while others of a higher level remain mysterious to us. The best way to understand the Kabbalah wisdom is to learn it. So where can you learn authentic Kabbalah?

The Kabbalah Centre is an international non-profit organization that provides courses on the Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar. The Centre provides its students with wisdom and the tools that can help in improving their lives. Learning is done at their regional and city-based centers and online through lectures, books, downloads and prayer services.

The Kabbalah Centre’s technique of teaching is to orient students with methods that do not require a previous understanding of Jewish or Hebrew texts. The Centre views the religious and spiritual beliefs as merely specific branches of universal wisdom. As a result of this belief, The Kabbalah Centre presents itself as a supplement to religion as opposed to an alternative to it. One should be concerned with their relationship with the nature of God rather than God himself as he is beyond understanding.