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Christopher Burch, Building International Business Brands through Creative Investing.

For the last four decades, Christopher Burch has profitably invested in a number of industries in the technology, real estate, luxury and the hospitality industry. He started Burch Creative capital which is a creative capital company which takes a different approach in investments by coming up with out of the ordinary ideas and strategies to create a memorable and permanent impact in their clients’ lives ( The firm has a number of well known and interesting brands under their portfolio. Among them is ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Cocoon9, Voss Water, Jawbone, Faena Hotel and the five stars rated Indonesian hotel, Nihiwatu.


The genesis of Mr. Burch’s success as an entrepreneur was back in 1976 when he was still a student at Ithaca College. Alongside his brother Bob, Burch invested two thousand US dollars to kick-start their first business called Eagle’s Eye apparel. They invested a lot of time and energy in their startup and they would make good amounts of profits from the enterprise. At the time they sold their company to Swire Group, Eagle’s Eye apparel was worth more than a hundred and sixty-five million US dollars. Mr. Burch was among the first investors of the Internet Capital Group which would rake in billions of profits in the historical internet IPO in the late 90s.

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His ability to bridge the gap amidst innovation and implementation has put him ahead in the game because this has helped him figure out consumer trends in terms of behavior and expectations. Being in line with the customer’s behaviors and meeting their expectations is a big boost, especially in the hospitality industry where customer service is the backbone of any successful enterprise.

Nihiwatu Resort

Mr. Christopher has developed a business acumen that has seen him gain confidence and empowered him to invest both domestically and internationally. He has developed a string of luxury homes in Palm Beach, Florida, Southampton, Nantucket and Faena Hotel + Universe in Argentina. His latest purchase is a resort in Indonesia called Nihiwatu which he jointly purchased with James McBride, a prosperous hotelier. Nihiwatu resort sits on an Indonesian Island called Sumba and the two entrepreneurs invested more than thirty million US Dollars in refurbishing it to a five-star hotel, see Travel + Leisure rated Nihiwatu as the best hotel on the globe. Burch also slotted a private home which he called Raja Mendaka among the twenty-seven exclusive villas housed in the resort. Borch says Nihiwatu is one of his most successful projects and he is grateful that the resort is located in the rarest geographical locations which allows him to be creative with the amenities making Nihiwatu a unique destination

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Mr. Burch is not only a lucrative entrepreneur but also an excellent leader. He served as a board member of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation and also served The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board as the President. Burch is also big-hearted and has financed research and other noble purposes at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, The Child Welfare League of China and The Sumba Foundation.


The Daring Chris Burch

Chris Burch could be said to be daring in that he saw a business opportunity in an isolated and unoccupied place but did not develop cold feet. Instead, he took advantage of that remoteness to develop something that would attract people and make it habitable. Therefore, in the year 2015, he transformed a cult surf into a five-star resort which he named Nihiwatu which means ‘mortar stone,’ and it was strategically located on the Sumba Island, in Indonesia. The kind of confidence that Chris Burch demonstrated in his move to develop the island is what has seen it flourish, something no one else had dared to do before him. Surprisingly, his resort has become recognized globally and has as well earned the first spot as voted by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine in two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017. Before settling for the decision to venture into that business, he had a few strings to pull, and he had done his research since 2012 when he first heard about Nihi in the Sumba Island. From that point, he knew who he had to involve in making his plan a success. In that case, it means that before venturing into business, one has to sit back and plan and not get into it blindly.

Chris Burch knew the right people to contact like James McBride who was a South-African hotelier and could, therefore, relate to his idea and a friend from New York who would probably give an honest opinion regarding his anticipated venture. Involving people with experience in the hospitality industry like in the case of McBride, Chris Burch would get started on the right foot in putting up the resort.

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The partnership between the two saw Chris Burch become a hotel entrepreneur and was confident that he was in the right company. In mind though, it was not all about investment and making money, he was as well interested in the welfare of the community. With the resort in place, the surrounding would be preserved under his watch, and his children would as well have an inheritance which they would cherish for life. Irrespective of Chris Burch not being a good student and suffered from severe attention deficit disorder while growing up, that did not deter him from venturing into what he believed would work for him positively. To sum it all, Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of New York’s Burch Creative Capital which is a private investment company. In that case, it is clear that he is interested in uplifting other investors by offering great ideas that are likely to work in their businesses, check

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