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Chris Burch does Good Business

Chris Burch knows a few things when it comes to providing people with the necessities of life while at the same time making sure that they are luxurious and once un a lifetime experience. He already has a lot of things to do with anything to do with fashion and retail. That is why he already has a name for himself under a business branded label. But not unlike many men to climb to the top of a mountain looking down on creation, he likes to be a success in more than one field. Hop over to this to know his new and follow on investments

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To this end, Burch is a partner in the creation of Nihiwatu. But, the truth behind the scenes of the establishment is that it used to be a hostel whose owners let it go. Although there are striking amenities , services and features about the property now, the spirit and purpose of this hotel resort remains the same as when it was first built. It is a place where visitors can take in nature in all of its beauty, while finding a hide away from the hustle and bustle of life or travel. James McBride also has a hand on the wheel when it comes to the development of Nihiwatu, its staff and the activities that are available to guest.  Read and see it’s awesome features, hit on

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There is a lot to offer anyone who makes it to the Sumba island’s shores located in Indonesia, from spectacular room service to supremely exclusive beach activities. There are 23 different units available within the resort and their designs range from bungalow to treehouse. The resort is not just good news for Burch and Mcbride, as it creates jobs for the local community. In fact, it is the largest employer on the island and has a foundation as a benefactor. Besides offering top-shelf accommodations, Burch’s private home is also available for guest. Raja Mendaka gives guests the chance to see just how well Chris lives in house.  More to read on

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