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Regaining of Clients by AmEx: a case study of Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur, a corporate executive, and an avid investor. In 1972, he attended Tilton School and later Ithaca College. Burch has close to 40 years of experience as an investor and participated in launching and as an advisor to over 50 firms. Currently, Mr. Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative capital. The company offers new opportunities for new markets, creativity, support and entrepreneurial worthiness.  For more of this, head over to

Since 1979, Mr. Burch has stayed patriot of American Express firm. He later switched to J.P Morgan & Co. and started using the Sapphire Reserve Card which was introduced to him by his employees. Christopher principal investments fall under hospitality, technology, and retail investments. He has led to the emergence of multiple brands in the US. In 2014, Burch was named in the Forbes List of the wealthiest Americans.  Click on for an additional article.

One of the AmEx major problems recently appointed Chairman and CEO Stephen Squeri is restoring the previous clients such as Mr. Burch as one of their clients again. Mr. Squeri will serve as the replacement of Chief Kenneth Chenault. He is expected to reduce the issues facing the card company n the recent years.

However, AmEx is currently addressing with its rivals like the banks and nimble fintech firms. It is still unclear how the credit card firm will handle any disturbance as the mobile strategies are emerging. Mr. Chenault recently at a luncheon spoke about the competitors they are facing from a historical point of view. Also, he stated that the company was under fire. AmEx through its card network ensures supplying of credit cards to the clients with the expectation that of being settled by the end of every month. Consequently, the card extends credits to both individuals and firms.

AmEx has tried in fighting off competitors on occasion which has raised concern to various investors. Mr. Squeri has prioritized restoring the AmEx brand name. The restoration will target millennials and their parents and offered the best services. Mr. Chenault gave more insight on the Sapphire card, terming AmEx as centering on innovation.  For insights and views of Burch on business related matters, check on

Mr. Chenault resorted to credit creation to help the AmEx recover from the economic depression and increase its returns. It was to be done by encouraging customers to use the card to pay vendors to bring more income to the company. The firm’s drive towards credit creation has aided the increase in the gains.  A note-worthy article worth reading, check this.

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Chris Burch Discusses the Connection Between Fashion and Technology

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of the Burch Creative Investment Capital Company based in the United States. Christopher Burch is also an accredited investor who has amassed a great amount of wealth in founding and selling companies from the startup level to the multi-million corporates. Christopher Burch is also considered as one of the most proficient serial entrepreneurs based in the United States. Because he has often engaged in better business, his level of accuracy in the world of business cannot be matched in parallelism. The Burch Creative Capital Company’s investment philosophy is the true definition of what he sets apart in the world of business.  Check for a view of his diverse investment portfolio.

Christopher Burch has a vision for a better world where innovation and capacities are only denoted by better business in the industry. Perhaps this is what sets him apart in the world of business and philanthropy. For over three decades of experience, Christopher Burch is regarded as one of the best philanthropists who has achieved business resolutions in the world of business through leadership capabilities. His entrepreneurial values affect his vision for application imagination as well as new market opportunities. Christopher Burch is one of the most corporative inventors of the support and scale facilities that are depicted in major businesses to enhance customer service as well as retention. This action also leads to disruptive brands that have a direct impact on the lives of customers.  Read more insights from him in this article on

For over four decades of professional experience in the business world, Christopher Burch has founded and sold more than 40 companies. Christopher Burch is considered as one of the most sophisticated entrepreneurs who know how to detect a market niche before he develops a business or service company that solves those problems. Christopher Burch also has a track record of connecting innovation with impact as it is depicted in his market niche. His presence in the industry of fashion has fascinated many whose motivation emanates from Christopher Burch.  Related article on

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According to Christopher Burch, the world of fashion and technology are related. In fact, technology is dependent on fashion just like fashion depends on technology. For technology to grow, it has to be adopted on a massive scale by the people in a fashionable manner. This means that technology grows with fashion. On the other hand, fashion inclines on technology for better business growth. An example of what sets the two apart is the adoption of the industry’s capacities that make the fashion and technology industry set themselves apart with numerous relationships.  For his latest innovative contribution to the market, hit on

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