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Oxford Club’s Investment Advice

Founded in 1989 as the Passport Club and in 1991 changed to its current moniker, The Oxford Club is a group of international investors whose sole purpose is to gather and discuss ways to increase and protect their wealth. Over the course of nearly 30 years, the group’s strategists and researchers have steadily shared their findings with the membership on a monthly basis. They look for unique opportunities around the world for those with the greatest potential for gain and the least risk.

They have identified four basic strategies which include a well-balanced investment diet, an exit strategy before entering, the size of investment, and cutting investment expenses. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Well Balanced Investment Diet

As with the nutritional diet pyramid, the Oxford Club uses the same principle. Beginning with “set it and forget it” long-term investments, specific sector investments, short-term income, and speculative early-stage investing.

Exit Strategy

Before purchasing any stock, they say, the best investors know when to sell prior to buying. Always know when and how you plan to sell before you buy. This takes out the guesswork and protects your profit and principal.

Size of Investment

Position-sizing is critical as it reduces the risk of losses within a portfolio (money management). There are several methods for figuring position-sizing. The Club’s philosophy is to never “fall in love” with a stock or investment. Investing based on emotion is the worst mistake for an investor.

Cutting Expenses

Oxford Club investments avoid front-end load, back-end load and other fees, as well as surrender penalties. By cutting fees, net profits are increased. They also advise members on how to set up their investments to reduce the amount due the IRS.

Learn more about this club of successful investors and entrepreneurs at They have a global membership exceeding 157,000 in over 130 countries.

Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Helps Retiring Clients

Wealth Solutions is a company built by Richard Blair to help retiring clients, and there are a number of services that will help each client earn money. Earning money with Wealth Solutions is a simple process, and there are a number of people who may approach Richard for the help they need. This article shows how the customer may retire well, retire with a new income stream and retire with an expert who understands the industry.


#1: What Does Richard Do?


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a lovely man who has spent quite a lot of time in the retirement industry, and there are many different people who come to him for help. He shows them the investment tips they need, and they will learn things that they could not have known. Richard guides all his clients, and he teaches the members of his staff how to help retirees.


#2: How Does The Retirement Process Work?


Retirement is a process that may be facilitated by the staff at Wealth Solutions, and Richard will ensure his clients have their income coming flowing in every day. They will have the exact amount of money they need to live comfortably, and they may continue to invest with Richard while they are in retirement. It is easier to earn money when using Richard’s services, and there are several different people who will come to the company not knowing what to do.


#3: How Long Does Retirement Last?


Retirement is not a long process, and there are many different people who may ask for a long-term plan. They may plan to retire in the short-term if they like. There are many ways to retire that have a deadline, and the deadline may change at any time. Grandparents may choose to care for a grandchild, and they may push back their retirement if they so choose. A young person may retire early, and they will have all their money flowing through the Wealth Solutions offices.


Richard Blair is one of the masters of the retirement field, and he will ensure there are many different people who may retire well. Retiring should be simpler for all customers, and they may learn many different things that will help them plan for their own retirement. They may choose the retire in their own time, and they may submit their input to Richard as he makes plans for their retirement.


The Life and Career of David Osio

As the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, David Osio is responsible over the global and domestic strategy firm. In addition to this, Osio also oversees the operational matters, helps to ensure effective practices in management, and is part of the development of the the financial services firms portfolio. After he had established the first asset management company with the needs in the Latin American market, especially for Venezuela, Osio spent almost 20 years in transforming DFG into a global company that has offices within the major financial centers like New York, Geneva, Panama, Miami, and Lisbon. In his early career, from 1989 to 1993, Osio served as the vice president of Banco Latino International, a commercial banking company in Miami. As the manager in departments for private and corporate banking, he has been
responsible for defining department strategies. While at Banco Latino International, Osio would reach increases for the bank’s international portfolio, this included counterbalancing of the relative instability for the Venezuela’s banking industry at that time. Before starting at Banco Latino International in 1989, David Osio graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello, located in Caracas, as a lawyer and graduated with honors. It was then that he would begin his career in Venezuela, working at Legal Desk MGO as the Director, his responsibilities in this position was to provide legal advice for multinational clients such as Consolidated and Ferro Bank. And almost a decade later, David Osio has completed his specialization at Higher Administration Studies,
an institute located in Caracas, completing this between 1996 and 1998. And as of 2010, he has gained advanced professional credentials, while at the New York Institute of Finance, where he is studying Management Investment Portfolios.

In February of 2016, falling oil prices had threatened the payment of an external debt in Venezuela. After a sharp drop for oil prices, there were some countries within Latin America that had managed better in comparison to others. In Mexico and Colombia, who are more free-market oriented areas, the collapse of oil prices did not
experience any large-scale crises, this being because of flexibility in their economic policies. For these countries, thanks to the floating currency market system, it allows an adjust to their economies before any external shocks that are currently affecting other parts of the world. However, in the countries like Venezuela, the
economic and political system does not allow for flexibility in adjusting, and the evaporation of revenue from oil industries has caused a liquidity crisis dollars, according to David Osio. Also, according to Osio, this results in creating a negative spiral that will directly affect the domestic production, and will put the economics
at risk in the future, and without an investment there is no guarantee of it.

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Saving And Investing With CCMP Capital

Finance management is a delicate matter. It is important for individuals and corporate to let go of their investment inhibitions. People come to term with their own financial fears with finance advisers while managing debts, saving for retirement, putting money for future use, and other lifetime events. It is also important to learn that not all advisers are alike and some will take advantage of the fear and anxiety without the client’s knowledge of it. Making smart financial decisions is better left to those who have a strong foundation in finance and proven track record to show. One such firms is CCMP Capital headed by Stephen “Steve” Murray.

In an age when financial analysts and fund mangers always face questions about honesty, delegating the task of fund management should be done carefully. It is therefore necessary to do your homework before making the choice about whether or not to go to a particular adviser. Investors Stephen Murray CCMP Capital have become increasingly enchanted with the level of service the firm offers. Retirement contributors and mutual fund holders have deposited millions of their hard-earned money into this firm since its inception knowing that their future is in good hands. Its Chief Executive Officer Steve Murray has many accomplishments and awards to prove his credibility. He was an active member of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training program in 1984. Five years later, he joined MH Equity Corporation which was a partnership between Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group and its leveraged finance unit. Steve Murray went on to become the head of JP Morgan Partners in 2005. In 2006, he co-founded CCMP Capital – a spin-out of JP Morgan Chase. Since then, his team at the company has been helping investors shape their finances and reach their goals.

Setting financial goals is very crucial in life. Whether you are trying to build wealth, payoff debt or preserve your nest egg, establishing limits to spending is a step to pace yourself. Goals are there to renew your determination when you tend to miss them. It gives a sense of pride when you reach your goals or surpass them. Just as in physical exercises, financial goals start with positioning yourself comfortably. Experts at CCMP Capital will guide you through the rest of the process to reach those goals. They will take the time to go through your portfolio and recommend the best savings and investment strategies for your situation. These tasks don’t have to be done in a particular order, but if you are like most investors, the experts should help you device a strong and sound plan. The reward of discovering potential in finance industry will bring peace of mind so you can enjoy your future.