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Fortress Investment Group: Acquisitions & Investments

The Fortress Investment Group has been around for awhile now. They are a leading, highly diversified world-wide investment manager that has around $43.6 billion when it comes to assets. This company was founded during the 1998 year, and they have managed assets for more than 1,750 clients and private investors. With this company they believe in doing more for a client than just doing their job, but also believe in making sure that every client they have feels safe enough to put all of their trust in them.

 Softbank’s Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

If you are not already aware, Softbank is a Japanese Internet and telecommunication giant. They are the company that had said that they would be buying the Fortress Investment Group for around $3.3 billion, and that is a lot of money! However, this acquisition seems to be very different from the normal investments made by the SoftBank company. An example of their typical purchase is their acquisition of chip design powerhouse ARM. There are some that believe that this is a visionary strategy though. Jesper Koll, the CEO of the WisdomTree Japan K.K. had said to the CNBC Squawk Box that this acquisition was going to be great. It would make it so that this Japanese company would be able to have the world-class financial management expertise they have been needing. It really shows that the company is jumping into the asset management business. Also, you might notice that the financial expertise coming from Fortress will actually be boosting the SoftBank company’s large $100 billion technology investment fund. This will certainly help the company achieve more than they were before. This fund happens to be headed by Rajeev Misra, and prior to that position he was a senior executive with Fortress when SoftBank had first hired him during the 2014 year. During December Donald Trump had made the announcement that the SoftBank company was agreeing to investing $50 billion into the U.S., trying to make 50,000 jobs. This investment was to be coming from the SoftBank Vision Fund.Koll says that he believes that in the recent months the SoftBank company has been changed completely and that the Fortress acquisition is one of many indicators that they have changed a lot. While being a great technology company, the SoftBank company is building a super platform in order to create a better future.

Fortress Investment Group Core Competencies

Asset-Based: This company has been specializing in asset-based investments for awhile now, and they are doing a great job with it. They have a lot of experience with this type of work, experience in investing broadly and deeply within a varied group of asset types. The company has expertise that goes as far as owning, pricing, financing, overseeing the management of financial and physical assets, and more! Industry Knowledge: This company has a lot of knowledge when it comes to the industries that they are investing in. Over an extended period of time, this company has been able to form a team that has knowledge on every subject, so that they can better invest and so that they can help their clients.

Oxford Club’s Investment Advice

Founded in 1989 as the Passport Club and in 1991 changed to its current moniker, The Oxford Club is a group of international investors whose sole purpose is to gather and discuss ways to increase and protect their wealth. Over the course of nearly 30 years, the group’s strategists and researchers have steadily shared their findings with the membership on a monthly basis. They look for unique opportunities around the world for those with the greatest potential for gain and the least risk.

They have identified four basic strategies which include a well-balanced investment diet, an exit strategy before entering, the size of investment, and cutting investment expenses. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Well Balanced Investment Diet

As with the nutritional diet pyramid, the Oxford Club uses the same principle. Beginning with “set it and forget it” long-term investments, specific sector investments, short-term income, and speculative early-stage investing.

Exit Strategy

Before purchasing any stock, they say, the best investors know when to sell prior to buying. Always know when and how you plan to sell before you buy. This takes out the guesswork and protects your profit and principal.

Size of Investment

Position-sizing is critical as it reduces the risk of losses within a portfolio (money management). There are several methods for figuring position-sizing. The Club’s philosophy is to never “fall in love” with a stock or investment. Investing based on emotion is the worst mistake for an investor.

Cutting Expenses

Oxford Club investments avoid front-end load, back-end load and other fees, as well as surrender penalties. By cutting fees, net profits are increased. They also advise members on how to set up their investments to reduce the amount due the IRS.

Learn more about this club of successful investors and entrepreneurs at They have a global membership exceeding 157,000 in over 130 countries.

Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Helps Retiring Clients

Wealth Solutions is a company built by Richard Blair to help retiring clients, and there are a number of services that will help each client earn money. Earning money with Wealth Solutions is a simple process, and there are a number of people who may approach Richard for the help they need. This article shows how the customer may retire well, retire with a new income stream and retire with an expert who understands the industry.


#1: What Does Richard Do?


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a lovely man who has spent quite a lot of time in the retirement industry, and there are many different people who come to him for help. He shows them the investment tips they need, and they will learn things that they could not have known. Richard guides all his clients, and he teaches the members of his staff how to help retirees.


#2: How Does The Retirement Process Work?


Retirement is a process that may be facilitated by the staff at Wealth Solutions, and Richard will ensure his clients have their income coming flowing in every day. They will have the exact amount of money they need to live comfortably, and they may continue to invest with Richard while they are in retirement. It is easier to earn money when using Richard’s services, and there are several different people who will come to the company not knowing what to do.


#3: How Long Does Retirement Last?


Retirement is not a long process, and there are many different people who may ask for a long-term plan. They may plan to retire in the short-term if they like. There are many ways to retire that have a deadline, and the deadline may change at any time. Grandparents may choose to care for a grandchild, and they may push back their retirement if they so choose. A young person may retire early, and they will have all their money flowing through the Wealth Solutions offices.


Richard Blair is one of the masters of the retirement field, and he will ensure there are many different people who may retire well. Retiring should be simpler for all customers, and they may learn many different things that will help them plan for their own retirement. They may choose the retire in their own time, and they may submit their input to Richard as he makes plans for their retirement.


Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Is About Art And Experience

Investment banking is an art that is very detrimental to the success of the financial arena. In this case, investment bankers are an important part and major players of the economy. They are able to do the stock valuation in companies and help companies in raising more capital for their expenditures. Movement of money and goods in an economy is a big part played by investors in the banking industry. At times, they act as intermediaries in large sales in addition to being the main determinants of whether a certain important sale deal should take place. However, investment banking requires long time experience for a person to become well acquitted with the strategies in banking.

Martin Lustgarten, a famous investment banker, knows all the tricks to succeeding in the investment banking industry. He has over time succeeded in many banking sectors not only in his home country but other foreign countries like France. In addition, he has initiated companies that provide import services for goods. Martins’ expertise in investment banking did not come that easy; he has perfected his art in investment banking by being open to the external world and conducting research. From his perfection of the skill, Lustgarten has opened his own investment banking firm known as Lustgarten Martin. He is a predictor of how firms perform mostly in South Asia and North America.

Apparently Martin has over 50 bank accounts in America and outside which he uses to conduct his business. Also, he loves vintage trading, and he collects valuable vintage accessories and in return sells. This he has identified as his hobby in addition to his love for spending time with his family. In general Martin’s wealth has been from his deep knowledge about the external market and his ability to interact well with other countries. His firm’s major in investments that are very risky; this in return earns him a fortune. However, Martin believes in conducting strong analytical research about the market before embarking on any investment. Currently, he and his family reside in South Florida. A successful investment banker could certainly follow his art in investment banking. It, however, will take them long to learn the art in investment banking fully. Lustgarten also has a Soundcloud account where you can keep up with all of his musical tastes.

Investing Your Time and Funds Into Investment Banking Firms

For those who are interested in investing their money into some type of fund, it is always a good idea to be working with an investment banker. Investment bankers are the professionals who know the fine details when it comes to opening any one of these types of accounts. Whether it is a small investment that promises long-term yields or a big investment that is a bit risky and tricky but can make the person a lot of money in a short amount of time, it is always best to be working with a banker who can help you to set up these accounts.

One banker who can help with this process is known as Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten is one of the top investment bankers in the country and has helped hundreds of people set up some of the most successful investment accounts that are around. His expertise in this field has allowed him to become the success that he is today and one of the most sought-after professionals in the investment field out there. This is why a lot of people turn to Martin Lustgarten when they would like to begin investing their money into some type of firm, fund or account.

When you have the experience and skills of Martin Lustgarten, you can feel confident that your investments will be secured and safe. There is nothing more devastating than trying to invest on your own and losing all of your money that has been put into that fund. By having an investment banker by your side, you can avoid the problems that often come with investing. They can tell you when an investment is bad or when an investment may lose you all of the money you have put into it. Martin Lustgarten is one of those professionals who many have turned to in the past and have had great success with getting this type of help. He can aid you in your investment needs as well and this is why he is a prime choice for those who are brand new to the investment world themselves.