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Jason Hope Takes a Proactive Approach Towards Age-Related Diseases

Well known philanthropist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, is an avid financial contributor towards the innovations in rejuvenation biotechnology. Hope supports the cause by reinvesting his wealth obtained as a futurist, to the research of developing preventative medicine for age-related diseases. Hope like many others, believe that this technology is the platform for building a longer and healthier quality of life.

Jason Hope, fully and actively supports the research conducted by the non-profit organization, SENS. The SENS Research Foundation is a leader in the promotion of rejuvenation biotechnology and developing new programs in proactive human medicine. Audrey de Grey, co-founder of SENS is grateful for the donations and believes it has a direct correlation on results. The newest developmental discovery by SENS,in the anti-aging movement is with AGE-breaker, a preventative medicine program that removes the toxic substance in the body’s tissue that damages skin and muscle tissue.

Jason Hope uses his expertise in financial predictions to back up his outlook on anti-aging. He has strongly voiced support for the AGE-breaker treatment program. AGEs is referred to the metabolic toxins in our bodies that lead to the loss of elasticity and damage to the tissue in the human body.

The SENS organization focuses on educating the public while conducting research on the many aspects of age related illnesses. Research topics regarding rejuvenation biotechnology represent the future of the impact on anti-aging. This is something that Jason Hope stands behind when he supports SENS with rejuvenation biotechnology events and discussions.

Jason Hope receives fulfillment knowing that he provides a vast amount of the funding needed to continue with the anti-aging projects, collaborated by the SENS organization. His contributions have allowed the continued development of work in progress, focusing on reversing and preventing the effects of the aging process.

Jason Hope believes in supporting organizations that encompass innovative scientific research studies and advancement of human medicine. This is why he has been a major contributor and donor to SENS. Although Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance and a MBA in Business, his true passion is supporting improvements in modern medicine.

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The Greatness of Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a successful businessman and apart from that, he is also a futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He is also an awesome man who is interested in technology. Furthermore, Hope uses some of his time to say something about politics. He achieved an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School specifically in the department of business and also a bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University.

Since Jason Hope is a philanthropist, he gives out few of his assets and resources to those who are in need. Other than that he is participating in having local firms developed in Arizona, and this comes in handy because of his great skills in business. Moreover, he also helps different companies specifically the companies that have the objective of assisting older people.

His eye for technology involves research and development. He does not miss an opportunity that comes with his ideas in technology such as; desktop software, mobile applications, and gaming software. He is interested in those categories due to the enhancement of communication. Good communication is a necessary tool when it comes to developing good relationships and peace.

His passion for technology gives him the opportunity to be able to look out for fresh trends in the market so that he can use that to develop ideas on technology. He is a generous individual who shares such like ideas and factors to other people and organizations so that they can also keep developing. Teamwork, much effort, and dedication always contribute so much to the success of mobile marketing business. Therefore, when people have excellent ideas on their business, it is obviously meant to succeed given there is hard work and commitment.

Some of the reasons why Jason Hope keeps prospering in life and his business is being able to collaborate with upcoming business people, for the purpose of assisting them to grow their business to a higher level. Hope gives them capital to have a good beginning and this encourages them to work even harder. To conclude, Jason Hope is an accomplished entrepreneur who is certain that technology contributes greatly to the growth of a business.

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Darius Fisher Named One of PRWeek’s Innovation 50

Darius Fisher is the President and Co-Founder of Status Labs, a premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. His office is primarily in Austin, but also has offices in New York, and Sao Paulo.

Fisher is very aggressive as far as social media privacy is concerned. Even if you limit access to your posts and images to “friends only” and have just one Facebook friend, your “private” information could still find its way out into the wild, wild west of the Internet. So, there is no such thing as “privacy” on Facebook. Darius Fisher adds that any “comment” or “like” you make on public pages are made public.

Darius further states that some people at work are tempted to voice and vent their opinions on the current presidential campaigns which may not sit well with other people who don’t agree and may tend to keep away from you. He also says people should refrain any bad comments or negative remarks about your co-worker or employer on Facebook whether you work with them or not. This he says could result in losing friends or even income by offending others with your political commentary on social media.

Status Labs specializes in repairing their client’s online reputation. This could be either on social media or through Google Search results. Most executives are not even aware of their online reputation and very often they are susceptible to attacks and bad press. Status Labs works with them to give them a second chance by helping them tell their story online. Cleaning the bad press takes a lot of hard work and planning. It is by creating and feeding Google’s search engine with fresh new content relating to the Company or individual and promoting them on a continual basis.

Darius Fisher and Status Labs was recently recognized as one of the top rising stars of PR and digital communications by PRWeek on this years Innovation 50. The New York Times and Yahoo! News also recently honored Darius Fisher and Status Labs for their role in assisting victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

The Future of Internet Identity

There is no question that individuals now have two identities. One of those occurs online and is need of just as much protection as the one we live out day to day. This means more than credit card numbers, billing accounts, and taxes. Things take place online that directly effect our reputation. These things are often out of our own control. In a case in which your online identity has been compromised, one might feel helpless to change or fix anything.

There are a few things that can be done to help negate some of the negative content about a person online. Getting a good idea of what’s online in the first step. This is most effectively done when logged out of your browser. Google personalized search results. This is handy in most cases, but not for seeing what everybody else is seeing objectively on Google.

You can always delete your personal account and delete unflattering things on accounts you have the ability to log into. Another strategy is to saturate the web with both new and positive content. Attempt to get traffic to this new content if you can. There are also Data Brokers that create accounts or profiles based on information already on the web. Opt out of these via their forms. These options are normally available right there on the site.

Status Labs is an innovative public relations firm that specializes in managing online reputations for you. They also provide useful services such as search engine optimization,social media marketing, and content marketing. The Swiss army knife of an individual or company’s online presence is making waves in the internet and technology community.

Darius Fisher is the founder and president of this revolutionary and successful company. He is a successful investor and entrepreneur that has excelled in many fields. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Economics, Fisher went on to make in difference in the world using his education and experience in economics and consulting.

Fisher works as a volunteer to provide his consultation services to Defy Ventures which is an online education program aimed at empowering those with criminal histories with the skills they need. Despite being more popularly known for being the founder and president of Status Labs, fisher is still dedicated to creating a better environment for those seeking a second chance both online and in real life.