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Yeonmi Park the Defector with a Great Story

Human rights activist Yeonmi Park has been speaking out against the atrocities in North Korea since 2014. She is one of the leading humans rights activist in the world. She has released a book on, titled In Order to Live a North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. This book retells the Story of Yeonmi Park’s life before and after she left the dictator controlled state.
Yeonmi’s journey out of North Korea began in 2007. Her story was a compelling one that kept listeners on the edge of their seat. She told of the many hardships that she and her mother had endured along their journey to freedom. Park’s sister had disappeared right before their family’s journey was about to begin. This was only the beginning of their problems.

Park’s father sent her mother and her ahead of himself before joining his family at a later date. When he finally did catch up with his wife and Park; he died of untreated cancer. Park and her mother were now on their own. They had to outwit Chinese border patrols, human traffickers and scavengers who would have killed them if given a chance.

The two Park women managed to get to freedom though they both paid a heavy price. The ladies found sanctuary in South Korea and when they were there; Park discovered that her sister made it South Korea long before she arrived. Park’s story is claimed by the as a “great tale” because it has all of the elements that make a story good. More importantly it is based off of her real life experiences.

There are tens of thousands of North Korean defectors living all over the world. They too speak out against the horrible things that happen in North Korea. They also tell about the situations they had to experience when they defected from that country. Park’s story is one of many tales that helps to tell the world about the truth of North Korea and why people want to leave that nation if given a chance. More information about Park’s story is available at