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George Soros Offers Solutions to the Refugee Crisis

George Soros recently penned an article for MarketWatch regarding the responsibility he feels that the European Union (EU) should take for the common asylum problem. Although the asylum problem in Europe has received worldwide attention according to Bloomberg Business in light of the urgency of the crisis in Syria, Soros reminds us that there has been an issue with asylum-seekers throughout Europe before the Syrian crisis took center stage. While Soros has constructive criticism to offer to the EU in how it handled the asylum-seeker crisis, he is adamant that a collective international response, through the United Nations, is needed to share the burden of the refugee crisis and reinforce a common plan.
One of the suggestions Soros makes in sharing the burden of the refugee crisis is that member countries in the EU who accept refugees should receive adequate financial support from the EU based on the number of refugees accepted. The EU, according to Soros, should also be sending financial support to the countries from which asylum-seekers are fleeing to try to stabilize the problem for the region. Soros contends that the overall panic surrounding the refugee situation could be calmed with a collective response that assures asylum-seekers‘ safety and provides for an orderly distribution of refugees to countries who want to accept them and, also importantly, to countries where the asylum-seekers actually want to go.

George Soros is a famous businessman and philanthropist and is a dual citizen of both the U.S. and Hungary. Soros currently serves as president of the Soros Fund Management. After achieving incredible professional success in the financial industry and amassing an impressive amount of wealth, George Soros began to financially support various liberal political causes. He is widely recognized for his generous contributions to various political campaigns, and between 1979 and 2015, Soros donated over $11 billion to various philanthropic causes.

Forbes billionaire George Soros‘ early personal life provides valuable insight into why human rights causes for asylum seekers are near and dear to Soros’ heart. Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest and experienced first hand the consequences of Nazi occupation of Hungary during World War II. Soros escaped to England, where he studied exonomics. After graduating from the London School of Economics, Soros traveled to the U.S. to get his career off the ground. After achieving great professional success, Soros authored over a dozen books on his perspective on various historical events and economic philosophy. As an avid student of history, politics and economics, Soros is poised to speak quite articulately about the immediate need to address the current refugee crisis in Europe on an international scale. What is truly enlightened about Soros’ perspective on how the world should come together to address the refugee influx, is that Soros is not willing to sacrifice protections of basic human rights and international security to protect a nation’s bottom line in trying to avoid having to contribute to a solution to the worldwide refugee crisis.