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QNet – WE CARE Gives Generously to Chennai Flood Relief

In December, 2015, Chennai, India received it heaviest rainfall in over one hundred years and forced thousands of residents out of their homes. The deluge left more than 250 people dead in an area that is just barely above sea level. While the Indian government has released 9.4 billion rupees ($141 million) for flood relief efforts and subsequent restoration, still much more help is needed.

Hardest hit was the most southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and as waters recede, the possibility of the area becoming a breeding ground for infested water and mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, cholera and skin infections, is of great concern. So QNet, one of Asia’s premiere direct selling leaders and pioneers in e-commerce, has stepped in by contributing generously in the amount of Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The donation was made under the QNet – WE CARE Initiative and was presented at the stellar awards ceremony, ‘Be1forChennai’.

QNet – WE CARE is a CSR initiative of QNet in India. The organization fights for causes that will enhance the lives of underprivileged members of society. The group recently formed a partnership with Lions Club International and donated a kidney dialysis unit at a Bangalore hospital which offers 100 subsidized for beds for patients that otherwise could not afford this treatment. The company actively encourages its employees to involve themselves in helping the needy, most notably in their clean water efforts.

QNet, was founded by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark in Hong Kong in 1998. They sell a variety of products including nutrition, energy, weight management, home care, and fashion accessories using the direct sell and multi-level marketing model.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Visits Dengue Infiltrated Xerem City

During the recent Dengue virus outbreak in Brazil, Dr. Sergio Cortes, then state health secretary for the state of Rio, visited one of the State’s worst hit cities, Xerem. While there, Sergio visited some of the regions most affected by the floods as well as the main shelters in the municipal where some the displaced city families are housed. He also visited the dengue hydration center at the Xerem health center that was operated by the State health department.
Cortes assured the residents there that the state was taking necessary steps into the virus eradication. He pointed out at a center that had been set up as a precautionary measure against any ailments especially given the high levels of garbage accumulation in the city. He pointed out that these increased chances of mosquito proliferation in the city as well and thus the need for the health center. The center had 12 hydration chairs and a capacity to serve 300 people a day.
When he met up with the then municipal health secretary, CamilloJunqueira and the coordinator for National Health Conception Mendonca, he assured them of the state’s commitment to the containment of proliferation of diseases in the region. He brought them to speed on the role played by the epidemiological teams collecting samples to be tested for waterborne illnesses. Additionally, he committed to delivering a batch of 3,000 anti-biotic tablets to complement a similar batch sent earlier as an intervention measure against leptospirosis yet.
When the epidemiological department sent in the first samples for examination, the results were unsatisfactory prompting calls for purification of water. Sergio stated that the state would continue with disinfection of water in the city and asked homeowners living in the neighboring regions not affected by the floods to follow suit. He also called on the members of the public to use bottled water for drinking while at the same time calling upon well-wishers sending donations to the affected to include bottled drinking water. Even after leaving the state health department, Dr. Sergio is regularly updating his Exame followers on healthy living on his social networking pages. You can follow him on LinkedIn or Twitterwhere he keeps his followers up to date on recent medical developments.