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Nobilis Health Caring About the Patient and Profitability

I grew up in Pennsylvania at a time when there were, only, two hospitals serving the health needs of the local population. Your religious preference or lack there of determined which hospital you would be rushed to in an emergency or which hospital would be the family’s choice for elective surgery. It was a simpler time. In the decades since that time the medical world has exponentially improved. There are new, more effective drugs and anesthetics. Medical treatments and procedures have been revolutionized. But at the same time there has been a return to folk medicines of the past, toward herbal medicine and toward holistic medical practices. What was considered modern medicine when I was a boy in Pennsylvania would, now, be considered cruel and primitive. Nowadays stockhouse reported the level of medical professionalism and competence is taken for granted amid the confusion of health insurance rules, regulations and standard practices. Currently there is as effort to continue the modernization of hospitals only on a much smaller scale and to promote and to advance the best medical procedures available to the public. The physical size of large hospitals is being changed for the better. Its size is reduced in an effort to optimize efficiency and to bring the idea of the doctor oriented facility to the public. Large, impersonal hospitals are being downsized in order to more efficiently meet the requirements of a population needing medical help. Large medical hospital complexes will continue to have their place, but smaller facilities seem to be representing the new wave of efficiency and patient convenience. Many for profit companies are, now, seeing the viability of building and running facilities connecting doctors, medical staff and procedures with the population at large. Nobilis Health is one such business, owning and in charge of managing the facilities for providing health care. Their orientation is one of providing low cost, minimally invasive procedures, performed on an out-patient basis without the costly and time consuming hospital stays required at many larger hospital institutions. Nobilis Health owns and manages seven surgical facilities in Dallas and Houston, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona. They are in the process of expanding into other facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey. There is a sense held by many of us that medicine will continue to improve until we reach a time in the future when a pill will be available to cure any and all physical ailments. As a boy I felt that way. Others see medicine only providing superficial help to a people who have fallen off the path to a healthful existence, never to be able to find that once healthful path again. There is a simple question to ask ourselves, to be used to determine which of these two opinions holds true. Ask yourself, how is my health today, the health of my family, the health of friends. Then think back to an earlier time in your life when you were in the hospital and ask yourself the same questions about personal health, the health of your family and friends back then. Examine and determine which time was healthier not just for you but for your family. The results may be startling.