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A Week With WEN

In February, Emily McClure of Bustle spent a week experimenting with a shampoo product new to her and her fine-structured hair: WEN by Chaz Dean []. She recorded how the shampoo, conditioner, and styler combo affected her hair throughout the week. Her first impressions were rather wary, especially with how much product use was recommended. However, after washing her hair with the Fig version of the shampoo, she found herself satisfied with the look and feel of her shinier, somewhat thicker hair. Throughout the week, she found that her hair was greatly improved upon, if in need of just a little extra work to help it alongside the WEN. In short, Emily has said that the product works beautifully, especially so for those who don’t mind do a little extra hair care and styling to make it work even better.

Wen products offer a healthier alternative to the usual shampoo, all the while combing various types of conditioners within the same bottle. The WEN shampoo comes in many different types, providing a wide selection for those of different hair types. This product promises to not tamper with the natural oils found in your hair, and doesn’t use the chemicals other shampoos tend to use. WEN provides many nutrients to your hair, in place of the harsher chemicals.

WEN also offers other products on Amazon for hair, such as mousse and treatments. All with natural ingredients that promote the healthy, sleek shine of your hair. And, Of course, each product comes in a variety of scents to better appeal to consumers, adding “natural perfume” to it’s list of attributes, if unofficially. You’re encouraged to visit their website and YouTube channel for more details and product information.