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Emily McClure Puts Wen by Chaz to the Test

Wen, is a hair care cleansing system developed by Chaz Dean, a renown stylist. Many celebrities have touted the brand as a sensation. It’s a conditioning shampoo that works thoroughly cleansing hair from root to end and it doesn’t have to lather. That’s how powerful and effective this brand is. It comes in a pump and looks a lot like a light foam. The appearance doesn’t do it justice. It also comes in some beautiful natural fragrances that are also functional. In this case, the Fig formula was the choice of the day for Emily to review.

Emily McClure is a professional hairstylist. She’s also a blogger and did a review post on WEN hair cleansing system for Bustle Magazine. Here was her process and results. First, it’s important to note that she has fine hair with a tendency to an oily scalp. She also uses a lot of hair styling product so that her curls stay up and happy.

She began the process by reading the instructions. At first, she thought it a bit much to use 13 or so pumps for shoulder-length hair. But, she followed faithfully. She immediately noticed one that that made her very happy. The amount of breakage was significantly lower. She could see that there were far less broken hairs in the tub.

Then the clean she felt, despite the lack of lather was amazing. As the days went by she noticed that her curls were not as perky for as long as normal. But, this was the adjustment period for her hair and the fact that her styling product, possibly for the first-time-ever was stripped clean from the hair so thoroughly that this was the cause. There was no residue, just virgin hair.

The bottom line is that it’s definitely worth the wait. Wen is Sephora available and can also be purchased online via

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