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Premium Dog Food Brands Are A Huge Part Of The Pet Food Landscape

The sales of gourmet pet foods are up. In particular, premium dog foods have risen out from a small corner of the pet food industry and are posting sales figures that are nothing short of stunning. In about five years, sales have increased by well over 40%. Overall annual sale are now in the $10+ billion-per-year range. Facebook published a very detailed look at the industry. Those interested in learning more about these new pet food brands should check the article out. Beneful is a brand name that is produced by the pet food giant Purina. Beneful is a perfect example of a gourmet brand as the Beneful name indicates some truly special blends are being incorporated into the various meals. A wet food dubbed “Savory Rice & Lamb Stew” definitely stands out from bland offerings by generic competitors. Beneful’s dry and wet food selections are not intended to be different for the sake of being different. The goal behind the product is to present healthier food selections for dogs. Peas, carrots, tomatoes, corn, rice, pasta, and spinach are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Their inclusion in a diet does help a dog eat a bit better. The article notes innovative recipes combined with a solid quality control process enacted during manufacturing has contributed to the grand sales figures. The overall annual sales of pet foods is roughly $23.7 billion. Premium brands are closing in on 50% of that number. Also factoring into the huge success is the decision of retail store giants to jump on the gourmet pet food bandwagon. Retail stores draw in customers who enjoy “one-stop shopping” and wish to purchase everything from clothes to home improvement items to consumer electronics to food. And yes, “food” also includes pet food. Those who may never have heard of premium brand dog foods before discover and purchase them for the first time after seeing the choices at a major retailer. Owners pleased with how their dogs react to the premium brands are sure to become repeat buyers. Sales figures indicate repeat buyers exist in abundance.