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Enhanced Athlete fights of Nutrition distribution’s advertising allegations

Nutrition distribution has been on a journey of filing lawsuits against companies it deems to hamper its progress. In the lawsuits, the company says that it is a leader in the sale of nutritional enhancements and that other companies have used false advertising forms to disrupt its business. This has gone on to hamper its general sale of products. The lawsuit against Enhanced Athlete is just one of the many cases Nutrition Distribution has filed in court against competitor companies.

According to Enhanced Athlete, Nutrition Distribution is on the path of using lawsuits as way of compelling enhancement companies to pay some kind of money to settle the cases away from court failure to which they may face exorbitant legal fees. Enhanced Athletics terms the lawsuits by Nutrition Distribution as baseless and lacking in merit.

Enhanced athlete further argues that Nutrition distribution in all the lawsuits it has so far filed, the company has categorically failed to show the court how the activities of other enhancement companies have affected its operations. EA further says that the Nutrition Distribution has failed to show how the advertising of enhancements by other companies has affected its overall sales records.

EA moved to court to seek an injunction on the case filed against in by Nutrition Distribution. The court agreed with EA’s arguments saying Nutrition Distribution had filed to show fully how its operations have been hampered by the activities of other enhancement companies.

According to Enhanced athlete CEO, he said that EA will not be party to what Nutrition Distribution is doing and that other companies should stop paying those settlement fees to Nutrition Distribution as it will help to stop its planned shakedown lawsuits.

Enhanced Athlete lawyer further said that the court order is just one of the ways the court was able to determine that Nutrition Distribution did not establish and form of connection between EA’s advertising and Nutrition distribution’s sales.

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