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Fabletics Gets Relentless Promotion from Kate Hudson

Fabletics has managed to grow and there is still a lot of interest in the way that this company is evolving into. People are keeping their eye on Fabletics because Kate Hudson is the one that is spearheading the changes that are being made. People have become accustomed to her passion for athletic clothing, and that is why she has a lot of loyal fans that are willing to stick with Hudson and see what she’s going to do next. This is not always something that happens when it comes to athletic clothing brands. Most athletic clothing companies do not have a face and a celebrity profile that is connected with the brand. For Kate Hudson it has been easier to market the brand because there has been so much interest in the special pics that she has made for this athletic clothing company.


It has been much easier for her to build a solid brand because she is actually concerned about athletic clothing. She is not someone that is standing on the sidelines with no particular interest in athletic clothing. To the contrary, Kate Hudson is actually ingrained heavily into the clothing world. She would still be looking for comfortable and stylish athletic clothes even if she was not the one that was selling these garments. That is a business leader that is also a customer when it comes to this type of clothing.


That may be the main reason that people can appreciate what is being done with the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson has really managed to create a completely different clothing line that is going to make a difference in the lives of many people that want to embrace this type of clothing. Kate Hudson is a master in athletic clothing, and she wants to do what it takes to accelerate her brand. She is getting people excited about working out because they have access to clothing that looks different from anything else that is out there.


The clothing from Fabletics is stylish, and it is also very affordable. These are the two angles that Kate has had in mind and she made plans to establish the Fabletics clothing brand. She knew that she wanted to create something that was going to grab a wide spectrum of consumers. She did not want to make the clothing too expensive and alienate potential customers. She also realized that she did not want to create a brand that was bland and similar to everything else. What she wanted to do was create the brand that was going to bring more consumers of different age groups in different backgrounds together. She wanted to create a brand that would appeal to women of many different races and lifestyles. This is why the Fabletics website has so many options. It is a smorgasbord of clothing selections for people that are running, jogging, swimming and doing yoga. Kate Hudson realized that she had a popular brand on her hand, and she promoted it relentlessly.


Fabletics Makes inroads in the Fashion Industry with Smart Marketing

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making inroads in the e-commerce fashion market to stake its rightful claim, in a move that has placed it on direct path with Amazon. According to Forbes Magazine article published on November 2016, Fabletics is a fast growing activewear currently valued at $250 million, while Amazon controls 20% of e-commerce fashion market. Industry insiders attribute the record breaking growth of Fabletics to a number of factors, including effective use of a subscription mechanic that encourages brand loyalty, target marketing, subscription membership and service convenience. The technique has worked for Fabletics because highly valued brands are always identified by the quality of goods or service offered and price. To make its marketing strategy work efficiently, Fabletics has also deployed additional elements.


These include last-mile service, element of gamification, customer experience, exclusive design and brand recognition. The other strategy that is keenly being followed by Fabletics is positioning the company along the lines of successful entities like Apple and Warby Parker. The company has realized this target by opening up several brick and mortar stores in Illinois, California, Florida, and Hawaii and other places. Fabletics currently operates 16 physical stores. According to the company General Manager, Greg Throgmartin, the other secret to Fabletics success lies in its foresighted strategy to create a modern, re-imagined version of high value brand from the onset. Through this strategy, the fashion brand has effectively roped in its membership model to offer personalized service by selling trendy fashion at half the price offered by competitors.


With regards to the stores, Fabletics follows a three-prong approach that encourages reverse showrooming, smart use of online data and a marketing approach that focuses on accessibility, people and culture. Fabletics has indeed turned around how reverse showrooming is conducted to its advantage; unlike most competitors who have taken heat by having people visit their websites and buy elsewhere. For Fabletics reverse showrooming strategy, the most important thing is making the browsing experience positive by building lasting relationships. The move has seen many subscribing members visit the store to make purchases. The other bit of the strategy involves submitting the articles related to the items customers are interested in into their shopping carts, whether they chose to conduct their shopping in the store or elsewhere.


About Fabletics

Fabletics is a leading fashion subscription retailer that offers a wide selection of trendy women’s sportswear and other accessories through a personalized marketing strategy based on individual preferences. When a new member registers, they are asked to complete a survey that covers their individual workout and lifestyle preferences. Once the form is submitted, Fabletics sends personalized outfits to the member at the beginning of every month. According to Wikipedia, the company rebranded to TechStyleFashion Group in August 2016 and remains a subsidiary of JustFab. The firm was established in July, 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler. The online subscription retailer unveiled its first brick and mortar store in September 2015 in malls operated by General Growth Properties and Westfield.

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