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Eric Pulier’s Interesting Career Trajectory

Entrepreneurs are a special breed of business professional because they look for potential while always fighting to find the next great enterprise. Eric Pulier has established himself over the past two decades as one of the most interesting entrepreneurs in the entire tech industry. His work continues to be praised, whether we are talking about vAtomic Systems or the XPrize Foundation, and that has given him some unique perspective to work with. Today we are going to dig into Pulier’s career and learn what makes him tick so that future entrepreneurs can learn from advice.

Eric Pulier’s work officially started with Digital Evolution back in 1984. Digital Evolution was his flagship company and it had to sprout out from the cracks in the cement in a way far different than what we see from today’s companies. Digital Evolution largely born from word of mouth and that extra effort gave Pulier the motivation he needed later in life to weather the tougher moments in between companies. Pulier says, “I credit much of my perseverance and positive outlook to experiences I gained.”

Most entrepreneurs go through at least one or two rough patches in their career but they are able to get through it thanks to their past experiences. Pulier credits his early career investments as being the primary motivators for success. Pulier says, “I think my initial experiences of having to put my personal finances on the line to grow my first business makes me take everything that much more seriously.”

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey and as a child he grew up loving technology. It was clear early on that he had a real passion for technology. Before he even graduated high school Pulier was running his own company based around providing computer databases. This early passion would lead Pulier to head to Harvard where he would graduate Magna Cum Laude. Pulier would then head straight to Los Angeles in order to begin pursuing his dreams. Since the early ’90s Pulier has been working to build his brand and his empire and we expect it to keep on going.

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