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A Brief Overview of the Live Entertainment Guru, Clay Hutson

To the live guru entertainment, Clay Hutson, planning is essential for any business. Clay believes that despite his vast experience in the music industry, planning has contributed significantly to the success of his business. That’s why he gets to the venue of a show before any of his employees gets there. Doing so gives him enough time to go through his schedule, set a storage plan, and come up with a to-do list without any distractions.

Clay Hutson who is a renowned project and stage manager for celebrity concerts and tours, brings his ideas to life by first visualizing them. For instance, when he is hired, Clay first thinks about the set design, so he can understand what will work, and what won’t work. With the visualization, he then ensures that every piece of equipment fits his mental picture, before the event day. This means that Clay is usually involved in every step of the preparation, and that’s why his success is not a surprise. Instead of being the boss, he acts as a leader, setting the pace for his crew members through planning, and walking with them until the concert is over.

If he ever got the opportunity to go back in time, and advise the younger version of himself, he would tell them to always be honest not only with others but also themselves. He would also ensure he tells the younger Clay not to forget about the essence of family, and always to prioritize them. Clay Hutson believes that apart from planning, reviewing his work for mistakes is another habit that helps his business succeed. He says that’s important because, like his work, even a simple error can cause severe damage to the reputation of his company.

Currently, Clay Hutson’s company is doing incredibly well, and was recently hired by Kid Rock as stage manager. He is among the top project managers in the music arena, and as such, he has worked with big names in the industry including Lady Gaga, Pink, Guns N Roses, and many others. He believes that the secret ingredient to his business attracting new and more significant clients with each wake is attributed to his hard work. Besides, Clay never shies away from working extra hours, and pays attention even to minor details that make his services stand out among most musicians.

Clay Hutson encourages everyone out there to read, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, a book by Richard Carlson, as it has helped him take the stress out of his job by focusing on details that matter, and leaving out the small stuff.

Tech Entrepreneur Robert Deignan Shares Five Trends Coming Down The Pike

Businessman Robert Deignan is an expert when it comes to the technology industry. He is a co-founder of Florida-based ATS Digital Services and its CEO. He has been in the technology industry for the past 25 years and has been a top executive at three separate firms including iS3. He recently wrote about five broad technology trends he sees currently developing.

He sees big growth in artificial intelligence and it being used in practical ways. According to Robert Deignan AI was created way back in 1950. In the intervening years, further development of this type of technology was sporadic but it has been really gaining steam this decade. He says the infrastructure is now much vaster because far more data can be stored than in years past.

Robert Deignan has also been following voice recognition software. This is an increasingly common way to interface with a device. You can talk to the device, it will interpret your question, and provide you with an answer to your query. He expects this technology to be used in even more ways in the future.

5G is the next version of mobile networks. It will provide amazingly fast internet speeds for mobile devices. Robert Deignan says that this technology makes exchanging information between devices and towers far more efficient. a device on a 5G network will be able to process data somewhere between 10 and 100 times faster than 4G technology.

He also sees transportation being transformed by automation. Driverless cars are becoming increasingly viable as a technology. Robert Deignan says that driverless cars will become a service rather than something you go out and purchase. It’s going to a company like Uber that owns the cars and consumers just rent them for trips.

The last big technology trend he sees is virtual reality digitization. He says people will be able to shop online while still getting the in-store experience with this technology. In the years ahead consumers will be able to look at, touch, and smell what they want to buy online just like they were at the mall.

Anil Chaturvedi: The success story

Anil Chaturvedi is indeed a success story in the banking sector. He is a hardworking fellow who rose through the ranks for over four decades, got the job done and is now the managing director in private banking for Hinduja bank in Switzerland. He has worked for the top banks in the industry throughout Europe and America. He has brought a lot of changes to these various banks, especially in private banking, investment banking, and commercial banking. Anil Chaturvedi has a B.A honors in Economics and an MBA in business, warranting him qualifications as a professional banker. This is backed up by his skills of problem-solving, solution seeking and enthusiast, bringing a new look to the banking sector, both in India and abroad.</li> </ol>

As an investment banker, Anil is in charge of ensuring that money in the bank is utilized accordingly. Tracing back to the recession period of 2008 where investment policies changed, making a lot of people lose their money, Anil made sure that investments by any bank he worked with. Every banker, including Anil, had learned a lesson of bad investments and thus policies had to change. He spearheaded the launch of the mobile banking sector in some parts of India, making it easier for transactions to occur. In collaboration with Amazon, the e-commerce sector was booming, thanks to Anil Chaturvedi. Making the right investment is always priority advice given to clients because the risk of losing money is always high with a bad investment.

He is also credited with the alumni association of the Faculty of Management studies in Delhi. Mr. Anil as a member ensures that people connect with each other after studies and possibly do business together. Meeting up with old friends is a healthy lifestyle, backed by intelligence and smart business moves. Every bank he went to work with increased its market share and most of his colleagues nicknamed him ‘the magician”. He will advise clients, help them with their needs, assist them wherever he could, and still be the best at his job despite all this responsibility.

Discover How Wes Edens Came Up With the Fortress Investment Group

Discover How Wes Edens Came Up With the Fortress Investment Group

Most people may say it’s easier to invest for a long or short-term. However, the tune changes when time to invest billions of dollars comes. A lot of risks are involved when investing such a huge amount of money. Remember you need to have a good future projection to avoid money loss. However, Edens tells the investors all this is possible with a willing heart and visionary mind. Most of the companies providing investment management services have skilled analytical teams working for them. The teams ensure research is properly done with the market movements accurately predicted. Wes says if you can’t predict the direction of the market, you can’t be immune to loss. This means you would lose a lot of money in a way you could have avoided.

Most investment managers ensure they first understand the market movement to secure their client’s money. It’s a hard task when dealing with hundreds of millions, but it has to be done. Wes Edens asserts the equity markets are unpredictable, especially if you don’t have the required skills. Besides diversifying your investments, you should also have an investment expert to monitor what you invest. It’s the easiest way to ensure you achieve your investment objectives and financial security with ease. Having been in the Fortress Investment Group for a long time, Wes says the group is among the most successful investment firms America has today. The New York-based group was launched in 1998 with its head office still in that city.

Wes Edens, Oregon State University graduate, happens to be the group’s founder. He studies Business Administration combined with Finance in this university. After he got his degree, Lehman Brothers gave him his first job as a partner. He later became the Managing Director of this company. As life moved on, Edens felt the urge to join a start-up that came by the name Black Rock. Within a few years, he had made it successful and expansive.As a passionate entrepreneur, Wes Edens could not have worked in that company any longer even if he had made it successful. He knew time had come for him to start his own investment company. This is how he came up with the Fortress Investment Group. Wes knew he had acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to make his own wealth grow. After a few years, Wes had caused Fortress Group to grow by about 40 percent. His exceptional management system allowed the employees to communicate openly through a flat organization structure.

Fortress Investment Group-Leading the way

Fortress Investment Group, founded as a private equity firm in 1998, is one of the leading, most highly diversified global investment managers today. They pride themselves on generating strong risk adjusted returns over a long term course for their investors. Fortress Investment Group currently works on behalf of over 1,750 institutional clients and private investors worldwide. As of December of 2017, the company employed 953 asset management employees which included 216 investment professionals. Headquartered in New York, Fortress Investment Group has affiliated offices located around the globe. Fortress has a deep knowledge in regards to the industries in which they invest.

Their experience with corporate mergers and acquisitions allows them to work alongside the board of directors, management and stakeholders to assist in determining the optimal structuring and execution of the investment.In December of 2017, Softbank announced the completion of their acquisition of Fortress Investment Group to the tune of $3.3 billion in cash. Fortress will continue to operate within Softbank as an independent business headquartered out of New York.Softbank believes gaining the financial expertise from Fortress Investment Group could theoretically boost their massive $100 billion technology investment fund and states that this deal will assist the Japanese company expand its capabilities and accelerate their transformation strategy of bold, disciplined, investment with world class execution to substain long term growth.

Fortress will continue to be lead by its leaders, Pete Briger, Wes Edens, and Randy Nardone, who hold over 20 years combined experience.In May of 2018 ,Fortress Investment Group purchased a SuperValu distribution center located in Pompano Beach, Florida as part of a $483 million national portfolio deal.The 769,000 square foot facility was purchased for $66.4 million and records show the deal was financed by Royal Bank of Canada and carried a mortgage of $68.41 million.

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Jose Hawilla: How To Achieve Success And Change Your Financial Future

Are you researching successful entrepreneurs and want to know how to emulate them? Need to find out the secrets of successful entrepreneurs? Perhaps you want to study Jose Hawilla to know how he deals with various business situations.


Before you ultimately start your own business, or invest in the stock market, it is extremely important to study successful entrepreneurs and find out how they accomplish great things.


No matter how many setbacks or refusals Jose Hawilla and other successful entrepreneurs face in their respective field, they’re always prepared to devise alternative routes to get to their goal. They learn their lesson and get back on track. Perseverance is one of the most important qualities required to become successful in any endeavor.


Jose Hawilla is a renowned entrepreneur and highly sought after businessman. Jose Hawilla has been in business for a long time and is leader in the industry. Jose Hawilla has worked with numerous professionals and entrepreneurs and he takes appropriate steps to ensure the success of his companies and projects.


Successful people emphasize on the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. Jose Hawilla encourages ambitious individuals to avoid negative influences and keep focused on their goal. You need to stay away from pessimists and develop a positive mental attitude.


Be perfectly honest and transparent in everything you do. It is advisable to never compromise your integrity. Keep in mind that your honor is everything and matters a lot when it comes to your enterprise. People will trust and respect you if you provide reliable products or service to them. Check out



Belief is an important trait of entrepreneurs. You need to believe in yourself, and that you have the ability to achieve the success you desire. This confidence will be felt by your employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders, business partners and your associates. You can visit



Numerous people seek advice and guidance from Jose Hawilla. Hawilla is a reliable businessman and good mentor. Jose Hawilla takes the time to provide advice to other entrepreneurs and guide them on their way to business success.



Facebook Privacy Issues: The Monopolies Identified by Shervin Pishevar Affect more than Economic Growth

Shervin Pishevar identifies Facebook as one of the 5 monopolies stifling economic growth. All are US companies. America has been considered the land of opportunity. Unfortunately, the world changed to where a few corporations exert significant control over its resources. Opportunities still exist, but global monopolies threaten the future of opportunity. Shervin Pishevar recognizes this.

Facebook is a true behemoth. Only such a large corporation could have crossed privacy lines with such magnitude as to echo throughout the world. Both the US and Europe are examining Facebook’s handling of private information.

The influence of monopolies extend beyond their business operations. This a primary reason why they have, at least, a certain amount of social responsibility. Facebook’s lackadaisical attitude toward sharing private information is more significant than most people consider. If not properly dealt with, it could set a precedent that finds Twitter and other social media platforms dismissing the rights of individuals who trust their information to these entities.

Since these social media giants influence global culture, privacy infringement could spread quickly. It is unknown what the lack of privacy and ownership of personal information would mean for the world, but there is a historical context to draw from. The United States Constitution acknowledges how important privacy is to a free economy. The nation grew strong, in part, because of this liberty. If the right to privacy and private property were suddenly revoked, there would be an uproar on a global scale.

The abysmal handling of private information by Facebook did not reach the level that Shervin Pishevar warns of. At least not yet. Social media is a global phenomenon. Its impact on modern culture is as integral as any pattern of behavior in existence today. Monopolistic influence on social media is a very important issue, even when privacy is protected. Similar to advertising on television, it has the potential to shape the thoughts of the masses. Social media platforms are supposed to empower individuals who have experiences to share. However, as Shervin Pishevar points out, a few in charge of this system can contradict the original intent.

Louis Chenevert Proves He is the Wizard Master

What Walmart stores are to mom-and-pop shops, the United Technologies Corporation is to every other company in the aerospace manufacturing business. They are the dominant giant and many companies fear coming up against them. They control the vast majority of the market share and the only reason why other companies are still able to compete is that the United Technologies Corporation cannot acquire them or else it will be accused of becoming a monopoly.

While the strength of United Technologies Corporation is well documented now, there was a time when the company was so weak not too long ago that business analysts thought it would close its doors. The great recession of 2006 to 2011 severely weaken the aerospace manufacturing industry and the United Technologies Corporation in particular.

As they saw dwindling stock prices and executives leaving for more prominent businesses the United Technologies Corporation knew the writings on the wall. They put a phone call into Louis Chenevert and asked Louis Chenevert to come to the United Technologies Corporation and run as the chief executive officer.

Louis Chenevert knew that United Technologies Corporation could get through this recession as long as the Their wits about them. The first goal was to stabilize the company. He did this by managing the current costs the company was spending to create their product. In other words, he wanted to decrease internal spending. This was accomplished by adhering to environmental regulations, which save them $150 million over three years span, and transporting their own goods to their factories, which save them an additional $95 million over five years span.

Louis Chenevert would be crowned as the greatest chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation ever seen. His hard work and determination cause the stock price of United Technologies Corporation to rise $37 a share all the way to a grand total of $117 a share. Not only was he able to accomplish that, but I several key acquisitions he was able to increase the net worth of the company to a total of $63 billion. He is now a consultant at Goldman Sachs.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Taking Bumble Dating App to New Heights of Success

The rules of dating have been changing over the years, especially after the onset of the internet and dating apps. It has become much easier for the people to meet new people and build new relationships. The market is filled with many different dating apps and sites, but one of the latest entrants is Bumble. It is a dating app that has been making into the headlines quite frequently these days, mainly due to its unique approach towards how it matches the partners. In Bumble, the women are only allowed to contact the men. The men cannot send the message to a woman unless the women send the message first. It gives the total control to the women as far as whom they want to get in touch with is concerned. In many of the dating applications and sites, the women have to go through literally scores of messages and sometimes original pictures as well that are sent by men in an unsolicited manner.

Bumble dating app was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who in the past has also been the part of the core team that established the popular dating app known as Tinder. Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to rub off the edges in the existing dating apps to build a polished and refined dating app, which is what the people are looking for and expected, especially women. Whitney Wolfe Herd understands what women have to go through on a daily basis when they are using a dating app or sites. It is this agony that Whitney Wolfe Herd has tried to discount with the latest and futuristic features that Bumble has. Whitney Wolfe Herd continuously strives to add new features to Bumble to make it more user-friendly and efficient as far as dating is concerned.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has a long-term vision for Bumble and knows that women are looking for a dating app they can trust and feel safe with. She has integrated some very advanced safety and security features with Bumble to ensure that women don’t have to feel threatened or insecure while using Bumble. There are also moderations measures in place to ensure that men cannot cross a line of indecency and those female members on Bumble don’t have to endure any form of harassment. Whitney Wolfe Herd is considered to be one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country and has featured on the cover of popular magazines like Forbes, Elle’s, Wired UK, and Fast Compay.



OSI Group Continues To Innovate

From Delis To Fast Food Chains

The growth of OSI Group from its humble beginnings to where it is now is staggering. There were plenty of meat delis in the suburbs of Chicago, but none were able to reach the same amazing heights as OSI Group has. OSI Group owes much of its success to the mind of its creator Otto Kolschowsky. As a German immigrant, he wanted to do everything he could to make a name for himself in America and he managed to do so through this business of his. As his business expanded, Otto needed the help of his sons to meet the demands of his growing customer base.

The Expansion Begins

The expansion of OSI Group across the world has happened thanks to the genius of the Kolschowsky brothers. They understood better than anybody else the need to give people the exact meat preferences they have in their home country. They didn’t choose what they were going to give people before going out into the world. Instead, they made sure they had a choice picked out for everyone and followed that exact plan of action.

OSI Today

OSI Group has managed to survive so long because they continue to expand the number of services they offer. Initially, they only offered frozen ground beef, but now they give their clients all sorts of different meats. This allows hem to serve everyone from pizza chains to hamburger joints. The number of businesses that rely on OSI Group has expanded massively as well. In the past, it would’ve been impressive to see just McDonald’s alone relying on OSI Group. NOW, even coffee shops are asking for the services of OSI Group because they understand the logistics of meat processing so much better than others.

The Latest Moves

Recently, OSI Group has made efforts to go further into the meat processing industry and try to take over parts of Northern Europe as well. Taking their understanding of how to dominate foreign markets, OSI Group has decided to take over local businesses and try to use them as a way to spring forward. Once they have a foothold in the local market, the next thing they tend to do is land contracts with major fast food chains. This approach is how OSI Group continues to remain at the forefront of the meat processing industry.

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