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The Rocketship Education Platform Increases Graduation Rates

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that is transforming education as we know it. It has become one of the charter schools in America that is producing graduates from low-income households that are excelling in classes and getting scholarships to colleges. These students are better prepared for a higher education or the workforce right out of school because of what they learn through Rocketship Education schools.

This is a california-based school system that has managed to spread to other states and help other students that are part of low-income households. More than 15,000 students have been able to benefit from this school system.

There is a great debate about charter schools, and Rocketship Education is in the mist of this great debate. The Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is all for the charter school systems. She believes that it is one of those elements that will level the playing field in the school systems in general. Rocketship Education is proof of that statement. It definitely helps those children that would otherwise have no connection to a platform where they could receive a higher standard of education without actually going to private schools.

This is what Rocketship Education provides. It is that type of school system that gives students something that is similar to a private school education in a public school environment. This is the reason why Rocketship Education is within the top 10% of schools like this inside of the State of California. That definitely makes it a school that people are taking notice of. It is difficult to overlook what Rocketship Education is doing when people look at the progress that the students are making when it comes to academics. The graduation rate is higher, and the number of students that are considering a higher education is also higher with Rocketship Education.

Students that graduate from these charter schools have access to a wider range of information. They also have access to more possibilities when it comes to the way that they are taught by the teachers. This is what creates a much stronger graduation rate.