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The Organization to Relieve Nepal

Recently in news, there has been an initiative to create a campaign that is dedicated to helping the victims who have suffered the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. This Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund has the large goal of raising at least one million dollars to provide everything that these suffering victims need such as shelter, water, and food.

The man in charge of this initiative is none other than Fahim Rahim who is a part of the JRM Foundation for Humanity. He set the goal high at one million dollars because he knew well that it was a possible goal to achieve. The current amount that has been raised is over a quarter of a million dollars which is a huge milestone for this campaign. Fahim Rahim’s goal is to rally the people in order to help provide comfort to those who have suffered the catastrophic 7.9 magnitude earthquake.

One person in particular who has helped with this relief foundation is Majeed Ekbal who is the President of Expresso. This is a grocery store business that finds and puts products on an online database using social media. What makes this company so special is that specialty items can be found cheaper on this database.

Majeed Ekbal is a recent graduate from American University. With his help, he has developed a database that includes several thousands of choices that would appeal to any customer. All one has to do is obtain the software that is required and then access the database which includes around 12,000 products.

Expresso is currently a growing company that specializes in delivering and providing the best quality groceries to any customer. In addition to this, Majeed Ekbal is a well known philanthropist that has donated to relief foundations. One of the foundations that he is the most generous with is the human relief foundation that is helping Nepal. His goal is aligned with Mr. Rahim’s goal which is to help Nepal as much as possible and to save many lives. With not only care, but also generous donations, this goal will soon be accomplished by both men working together to relieve the effects of the earthquake. Visit Majeed Ekbal’s tumblr page for more information.