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End Citizens United: A PAC To Change America

With uprising and movements taking place all over the country, political action committees are getting more and more popular day by day. People depend on these organizations, as they are the ones doing the things that the government should ideally be doing for the people of America. There is a lot of political unrest and dissatisfaction with the government, which is why the people are retaliating and fighting for a better system and a better government.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that aims to aid people in their endeavor to establish their rights and attain their goals. The organization has been extremely successful in numerous endeavors that they have undertaken. Ever since the organization first came into existence, they have gained widespread support from people all over America. The organization has earned over a million dollars in funds, which they have used to support their cause and their fight against the system.

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The organization was formed after the Supreme Court of the United States passed a ruling called ‘Citizens United’ which was something that changed the course of American politics. This ruling allowed private companies, business owners, and investors to channel funds into political parties. While doing so, they would never have to publicly disclose how much they were putting into the party, and would also not have to pay any taxes on the amount. This ruling aimed to give an incentive to business owners to donate to the government and political parties, but it ended up backfiring on the country, more than helping it.

Because of the ruling, political parties were now receiving an unprecedented amount of money, often, to give something in return to the person donating, or investing it. This became a way for people in business to sway political parties in their direction, getting them to do what they want, and which works for the benefit of their organization or business. Those who had more money naturally were being treated as more important members of society, and those who could not donate large amounts were left in the dark. This led to a lot of discontents in the minds of the people, who now felt like they were insignificant to the government because of their lack of money to donate.

Being a democracy, societal segregation is never a good thing, which is the direction that the country was headed in following the ruling. This separation can only lead to more divide among the people and a lot more unrest than what there was before the ruling. End Citizens United sees this as their ultimate goal, which is to put an end to the Citizens United ruling so that people can once again have equal control over the government.

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