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Expanded Product Options for Dog Food Buyers


Customers who are looking for dog foods are suddenly beginning to realize the wealth of options that are available for them to consider and are many times feeling overwhelmed with the variety of different options that are in the market. This article will help you to differentiate the different options that may be showing up on your local pet store’s shelves so that you can decide the right choice for your dog.

The major benefit that is cited for choosing among the various dog foods out there is the health benefits that they will convey on your dog. While discussing the health benefits associated with a specific blend is a blanket statement that can’t possible apply to every dog and breed, you will start to realize that dog food makers know and understand this and are offering unique blends for different dogs that fit into their age and size profile. A perfect example of this is Beneful’s new premium dog food blend for older dogs. This new blend by Beneful uses medium chain triglycerides that are derived from coconut based products and are known to go easier on the digestive track of older dogs. Other unique puppy blends are also available and can convey their own benefits to the dogs.

Beneful has Increased quality ingredients including organic dog food options and preservative free dog foods are also entering the market place and these blends are designed to offer fresher and more wholesome food for your dog. Many dog food makers are offering expanded options for dog foods into these spaces. Examples are Purina Beneful which has acquired a large organic dog food maker and other brands that are doing the same. Freshpet is nw offering an fully preservative free dog food to the extent that it requires to be in the refrigerator to avoid being spoiled.

These options will lead to increased storage costs and raise the cost of the dog food, but many customers are finding that organic and preservative foods such as the ones that Beneful are offering are worth the added cost that is associated with premium dog foods. While some of these food are more expensive they are providing dog owners with happier and healthier dogs, which is worth the added cost.